Break Free from the Negative Past

breakfreefromnegativeThe month of January reminds us of the glorious history of India’s freedom struggle. The feeling of patriotism starts running in the blood as the glimpse of freedom fighters starts coming before my eyes. The concept of freedom is very versatile.

Freedom is not only related to a country, but also from the limited belief system, bad habits, illness, poverty, and so on. For children, freedom to play more is a big thing. For a teenager, freedom is space and non interference of elders in their lifestyle. Women belonging to orthodox family want freedom to work outside. Once when I was reading about Aurobindo, it was astonishing to know that while India was struggling for freedom, Aurobindo’s priority was libration at spiritual level. For spiritual seekers, ascension is freedom.

So, we all have personal meaning of freedom at different times or circumstances. Each moment we are learning and growing. For our over all personality development and spiritual growth, we need to get rid of our negative past. here, I am talking about the negative past incidents, bitter or abusive relationship, traumas, hurts, persons who betrayed, memories of such experiences.

In our memory bank, these frozen moments stay and stop us to enjoy life fully in present. At times, we stop trusting people. This creates lack of confidence and trust not only in others, but ability to have confidence on our own judgment. because of this, we are unable to express our creativity and potential.

We stop enjoying life to the fullest.

I have known people who have once gone through a breakup and then keep attracting more break ups in life. some people say that they want to enter into a new relationship as they want to move on but still do not get anybody. This happens because they are not open or ready at a subconscious level, being stuck in the past.

Here are a few tips to renew your life again.

Facing the truth

Do not be an escapist. If something related to your past is still bothering you, stop lying to your self. Acknowledge it and face it. When we become aware, its intensity becomes less.

Making conscious efforts

If you were in a relationship and want to move on, discard your past by doing some conscious efforts. For example discard or donate gifts related to that person (cards, Letters, Perfumes, dresses etc.) When you are doing this clearing it not only clears your cupboard, but also clears space in your life to make space for a new person or relationship.                                                            

Ending rituals

Burn out, tear, or simply flow pictures or letters to get rid of past.                    

External sources

Seek healing from a therapist. (Reiki healer, hypnotherapist, Bach Flower Therapist etc).                                                                            


Do Pranayama or meditation. I have found Osho Dynamic meditation and Sudarshan Kriya by Art of Living, very wonderful in releasing pent up emotions.                                                           

Other Healing techniques

If you are a Reiki channel, send distance healing to that timeline for 15 minutes daily. The bitterness of memories will be erased from your subconscious mind automatically.                                                                                  

Writing it out

This powerful technique does wonders. Take few pages and a pen. Sit somewhere so that nobody disturbs you. Set an alarm of 15 minutes, and instantly start writing. Begin with – “Whenever I think of…(state the experience, person or incident), I feel like…” and keep on writing in a constant flow. Do not bother about grammatical mistakes, do not rethink or edit. Just keep on writing even if illogical things come to your mind. Do this everyday for 3 to 11 days till that issue is released. Burn the pages.

Time may help you to move past a situation but unless you heal it, it won’t move out of your system, thereby causing problems and loops in your life. You will tend to attract similar problems with different people unless you heal on those stuck emotions. Do not waste your present because of past issues. I am sure these techniques will help you to free yourself from the negative past and move forward in life.

Happy Independence Life

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