Secret of Happiness

Secret of HappinessEveryone of us wants to be happy and blissful but happiness has different meanings for different people…

In my point of view nothing big will happen to make you Happy. Even small things can make you happy–A smile on the face of a roadside child when you offer him or her a packet of biscuit. Happiness is very subjective, you can be happy by a small event or you can’t feel happy even if the whole life’s luxuries are at your disposal.

The question that arises here is what can make you happy?

Happiness comes when you share your happiness with others, when you move out of your boundaries, when you pray (not only for your happiness but also for others happiness.) If you are happy nobody will get affected but if you do something which makes other people happy, your happiness is doubled.

Now we have to think what we should do for getting happiness. Happiness will be when equanimity comes to us. No sorrows or failures will come when we live with yogic attitude. It does not mean performing some asans, but trying to make your life based on yoga and yogic attitude i.e. When you surrender to the divine that I am only an instrument, whatever god wants me to do I will perform that duty happily and whatever the outcome I will be satisfied. This attitude will bring real happiness.

Happiness is real happiness when it is not dependent on external factors. In every circumstance you feel happy and you enjoy everything. Every minute you will experience happiness. Even if some miseries come, they will become an opportunity to improve the consciousness and that opportunity will lead to happiness and union with the divine.

-Ritu Babbar

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