Life is a Growth School

Life is a wonderful gift from god which we have to cherish at every moment. Life is like a growth school and life experiences are so designed by a compassionate and intelligent universe to help us evolve. Anything which happens happens for a reason and hence we need to develop an awareness and receptivity to this truth. Events or situations are divinely guided. If we don’t learn the lessons from these situations, events and circumstances keep” repeating” until we pass the test  for which  god wanted us to evolve and are ready to move on.

Loosing a very expensive diamond Ear ring taught me that we should make wise use of the money. When I lost it I felt very bad for days then suddenly the yogic attitude helped me that perhaps it was never mine so it has gone to someone else and in future whatever I have, I should wear it with care. So everything which happens to us has a specific purpose. Once we know that purpose is for our growth, we start taking life as a growth school…and we evolve…

-Ritu Babbar

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