Tarot Predictions for the Week 11 September – 17 September 2023

General Theme of this week:

Letting go, grounding, connection, growth

Aries: Seven of Coins

Your progress is slow and perhaps that’s what is putting you in great doubt Aries! You’re questioning your capabilities and second-guessing everything you have worked for so far. Each step closer to your destination is making you feel even more twisted inside. It’s time to take the positives and add them together to see the bigger picture. What has worked for you so far, what are your strengths? Focus on what you can make right at this moment.

Taurus: Three of Feathers

This week seems full of heartbreaks for you Taurus! Sudden shifts are forcing you to see a different side of the situation that you once believed to be nice and warm. But this is all necessary to let go of something that no longer serves your higher purpose. It may seem impossible to get through certain painful situations this week, but eventually, it is trying to make you understand an important lesson. What is it that you aren’t able to see that is making such patterns repeat in your life? Ask and you shall receive a new perspective!

Gemini: Five of Cups

Letting go is only bringing you a step closer to your goal, Gemini! You’ve held on to hurt and disappointments for too long. It’s time to sit with your feelings and let them all flow. You’re bound to be overwhelmed if you keep it all stuck inside. Flowing these emotions outwards will also let you be free of the endless disappointments and sadness that you hold so tightly in your heart. In order to bring something new into your life, it is important to cut your ties with the old. Try doing a ‘releasing contract’ ritual to end any negative energy between you and the old situations.

Cancer: Four of Cups

You can’t escape from your responsibilities forever and while one may enjoy some leisure time every now and then, it is equally important to connect with yourself. It is your time to take charge of your situation, Cancer! Ask yourself what is this situation trying to teach me? What do you feel at this very moment? This week is all about navigating through your emotions in a healthy way. Whether it’s work or home, sometimes not sitting down with yourself can take a toll on everything together. At the same time, it is also important to establish boundaries and learn to identify yourself as distinct from your emotions.

Leo: Six of Coins

Progressing towards receiving great things in life also involves giving, Leo. While this may not be your strong suit, it is important to understand the power of balance in life. Understanding that there is so much more that happens beyond your understanding keeps you grounded and humble. Don’t give in to your ego. Now is the perfect time for you to start some grounding meditations and experience the beauty of receiving effortlessly by helping others as energy flows through you. Remind yourself how vast this universe is and let it all flow through you.

Virgo: Three of Cups

Your struggles have come to an end and now it is time for celebrations, Virgo! New projects are coming your way and maybe some spark in your romantic life too. Be prepared to welcome it all. Don’t be too busy to be caught up in your work to honor yourself and your wins. You deserve every bit of it. To continue going the same path, it might be more important to take some time to party and go out. It might do you some good to step out of your work zone anyway!

Libra: Son of Flames

You are now ready to follow your dreams with full vigor, Libra! If you have been waiting for a sign to get you out of your self-doubt phase, this is it! However, with the Son of Flames energy sometimes passion takes over logic. Be mindful of the risks lying in your path and focus on being rational during your pursuit. So much heat and fire present in this card’s energy also indicates the presence of the air element and thus can easily sway you away from reality. Watch your step on this new journey.

Scorpio: Daughter of Flames

New ideas are coming to you at a much faster pace now, Scorpio! Make sure you carry a pen and diary with you at all times to note these down. Your hard work is paying off irrespective of the pace of these results. Focus on the positive things happening around you and make sure you’re taking time out to breathe through it all. The element of flames also symbolizes things happening at a much faster pace and so, sometimes it might get a bit overwhelming! It is time to let your inner child be free and have a little fun.

Sagittarius: Four of Feathers

You’re taking everything all at once, Sagi! Take a step back. The anxiety and fear setting in are not telling you the truth. Your situation isn’t half as bad as what you may perceive at the moment but your emotions are making it way worse. Maybe asking for help isn’t as bad as you think. You can’t do it all by yourself despite what you may believe. Your friends are there to help you. All you have to do is reach out to the person you trust the most who can guide you in your current problem.

Capricorn: Father of Flames

This week is about upgrading your knowledge and enjoying the fruits of your labor, Capri! Yes, you’re right! You’ve come so far only to find yourself at the top of this mountain where you hold your crown high. While one may rejoice in such victories, it is equally important to keep moving forward and learn more things in your field. Perhaps signing up for a new course or traveling in the pursuit of your interests will help you gain new insights on what to do next.

Aquarius: Mother of Flames

Multitasking is your thing this week, Aquarius! Beware as the excess fire energy might take a toll on you at some point as you start forgetting things. It happens to everyone and remember to be kind to yourself during this week. Pushing through several tasks in hand can get you exhausted and possibly sick. Maybe that extra hour of sleep will help you get through a long day. Additionally, you can delegate some tasks to other reliable persons as it improves efficiency and gets the maximum output. You got this!

Pisces: Two of Cups

A new relationship on the romantic side or new projects at work might be the theme of your week, Pisces! Two represent dualities as well. Make sure your dreamy side isn’t getting the best of you and stay focused on the task at hand. This card is also a sign that you and your partner (business/personal) might be on the same wavelength and have similar ideas and/or approaches to work. Things are flowing for you smoothly this week and it is ideal for you to put your intentions out there and practice affirmations.

Deck: Margarete Petersen Tarot Deck

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