Tarot Prediction for the Week 25 September – 1 October 2023

General Theme of this week:

Good news, positive outcomes, imaginations, dreamland, creativity.

Aries: The Battle Wagon

If there’s one card that truly represents Aries, it would be the battle wagon or the chariot. You have what it takes and this week is all about charging with full speed towards your goals. If you’ve been looking for a sign to move forward in a relationship or a project, this is it. It’s your time to accomplish things and bring them to completion. Your hard work has finally paid off. For some Aries out there who are lacking the motivation to do things, this is your sign to go for it. The battle wagon card is here to inform you of your success regardless of the circumstances.

Taurus: Eight of Wands

This week brings good news for you Taurus. Not only will you be more enthusiastic about work, you’ll achieve more than your expectations this week. Wand energy resonates greatly with fire and passion. For those of you working with something you love, even if it involves a side hustle, you’ll face positive outcomes. Don’t delay and go with the flow of the week. This is your time to bring the best to the table. However, in terms of relationships, this card brings sudden attachments which may or may not result in long-term commitments. Take your time if you feel rushed with your partner or prospective partner.

Gemini: Five of Pentacles

Things may not be going in your favor financially, Gemini. The number five, however, signifies only the middle of the journey and not the end. Be patient as circumstances will change soon. You’re giving your best or maybe not. Getting disheartened by unexpected outcomes might bring you insights into a way forward. Take time to receive feedback and work accordingly. Additionally, you may also feel abandoned by your partner but know that this is only temporary and everything isn’t as it seems.

Cancer: Two of Chalices

New beginnings are ahead, Cancer! You’re about to embark on a beautiful new journey filled with excitement, love, and joy. In terms of career, this card represents partnerships with like-minded people. Your love life may also be close to fruition with your partner suggesting things that you both like doing together or maybe the next step is around the corner. It’s time for you to breathe in all the good news and let things flow as they may. Things are panning out as they should be.

Leo: Seven of Chalices

You’re caught up in the fantasy world, Leo. It’s good to have options and to evaluate what you want. However, stepping into imagination might impact your real world and you might find yourself running behind on projects and life in general. Ground yourself and meditate to see the truth in situations rather than giving in to your desires. Your practical side is waiting for you to tap into and create the life you want. It’s time to make decisions and move ahead. Take some time off if you feel overwhelmed about these decisions.

Virgo: Four of Athames

Your constant need and desire to work have brought forth a space of mandatory rest, Virgo. We are aware of your practicalities and the need for hustle but your body demands rest. All is happening in its divine timing. You may not need to do things on your own. Practice delegation if urgent or important tasks need your attention. Make space for mental space. Try some relaxing yoga postures before bed to bring harmony to your dreams. Listen to calming music or burn soothing incense before bed.

Libra: Seven of Wands

You may have been passively addressing things so far but it is time to stand your ground, Libra! You may need to be more assertive for things you believe in. But with this comes the challenge of clarity. You need all your strength this week to endure busy schedules. Focus on having a healthy and balanced diet to bring your 100% to the table. Additionally, number 7 also asks you to focus inwards. It’s time to ask yourself where you find dualities in your life to resolve the conflicts externally as well. Be honest.

Scorpio: Ace of Wands

We feel your spark Scorpio! Your ability to make things happen brings you more good news and fortune than you can imagine. It’s time to let go of self-doubt and just go for it! Being bold is serving you right this week as you achieve positive outcomes for your hard work. Number 1 of this card also indicates new beginnings for any projects or applications that you have been sitting on. Now is the time to get them in motion. You might feel over-the-top this week and it would be in your favor to use this good juju for work.

Sagittarius: Six of Athames

Closing in on something can feel tiring, Sagi but know there are good times ahead. Your head is everywhere. Maybe it’s time to ground yourself and focus on what it is that you want rather than spending your energy on everything at the same time. Set your priorities. Your journey has undoubtedly come to a different sphere now. Maybe a change of space is all you need to keep going. It’s time to make some travel plans to refresh your energy and cleanse all the bad vibes from the past. Happy rejuvenation!

Capricorn: The Earth Mother

Your creativity is your way forward, Capri! The Earth Mother or the Empress is here to remind you to get in touch with your creative side. If you’ve been working too much, maybe it’s time to switch to something else which brings you pleasure. This card also represents sensual beings and thus may guide you to plan a date and go out. You have so much to offer in terms of your feminine side. Make time to try some guided meditations and tap into this side of yours to bring forward new ideas. Or, simply put on your best music and dance like no one is watching!

Aquarius: Queen of Chalices

Your caring nature and concern for others is admirable, Aquarius! Maybe it’s time for you to have the same care for yourself. You’re growing tired of constantly doing things for others and not taking time for yourself. The queen of cups is here to remind you of your capability to nurture yourself in the same way. You got this. You’re the queen after all! Additionally, your romantic and intuitive side will be heightened this week. It is indeed time for you to take a step back and indulge in some self-pampering!

Pisces: Three of Pentacles

You’re offered new deals this week Pisces! Good news lies ahead for you in terms of work. Perhaps collaborations might be your theme this week. You have worked hard to reach here and now would be a good time to evaluate where you want to go next. Opportunities regarding internships might be best suited if that field is where you wish to go next. More doors are opening for you even in terms of relationships and perhaps it is best to seek advice from a counsel if you find yourself having any doubts. The number ‘3’ is a bit unstable in energy and hence you might find yourself on the edge sometimes.

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