Karma and Destiny – A New perspective on Tarot and allied sciences

[pullquote-left]“Sow a Thought, Reap an Action;

Sow an Action, Reap a Habit;

Sow a Habit, Reap a Character;

Sow a Character, Reap a Destiny.”[/pullquote-left]

karma&destinyNothing holds truer than this fact. And it is this fact which is the truth behind the working of Tarot (or in fact the workings of all the sciences like Astrology, Palmistry, Runes etc.)

Our thoughts create our destiny. Tarot cards reflect our thoughts in the present. Their aim is to help us find out the true cause of our current situation. The reason behind every situation is our Karma which is born out of the seeds of our thoughts; hence if we change or alter out thought patterns, we can bring positive changes in our situations.

Tarot cards or any other science of time like Astrology merely affirms the universal scientific fact of action and reaction; of cause and effect. We are the masters of our destiny because we have the free will to do the karma. But once an action is done, its effect will have to be faced, be it positive or negative. A story from Osho’s discourse will make this statement very clear:

Mohammed had a disciple named Ali. Ali once asked Mohammed’s opinion about whether a man is free to do what he wants to do, or whether he is bound by his destiny in everything he does. “If a man is not able to do as he desires,” Ali said, “then it is useless and foolish to preach to him not to steal, not to tell lies, not to be dishonest…All this appears to be absurd. If everything is predestined, all education is useless, then all prophets, all saints, all teachers are useless.”

People have asked both Mahavir and Buddha such questions. If what is going to happen is predestined, why should Mahavir or Buddha have taken so much trouble to explain what is right and what is wrong? Mohammed did not give any metaphysical reply. He asked Ali to lift one leg and stand on it. Ali lifted his left leg and stood there on one leg. Mohammed then asked him: “Now lift the right leg also.”

Ali was puzzled and asked how it was possible. Then Mohammed said: “If you had wanted to, you could have lifted the right leg first but now you cannot. A MAN IS ALWAYS FREE TO LIFT THE FIRST LEG — it can be whichever he wants — but no sooner has the first one been lifted than the other becomes bound to the Earth.” So Mohammed said to Ali that he had all the freedom to lift the right or the left leg first. But once he had exercised that freedom and lifted his left leg, he was incapable of lifting the other leg. So freedom is there within certain limits, but beyond those limits there is no freedom.

For example, a person is preparing to steal. Stealing is not predetermined; it cannot be claimed that stealing is inevitable or unavoidable — there is complete freedom whether to steal or not. But once the theft has been committed, it is as if one foot has been lifted and the other foot remains on the earth: after doing it, you cannot undo the act. And the total effect of the act of stealing will spread over the personality of the person who did it. But as long as stealing does not happen, the other alternative is present and available.

Tarot cards basically affirm that you are the master of your destiny. Tarot cards can help you gain insight into the choices and situations and help you make better choices.

If you closely analyze your life, you will find patterns of situations. It has been observed that some people face similar kinds of situations and meet similar kinds of people over and over. It means that there is lesson which nature or the universe is trying to teach you. Tarot cards can help you understand those patterns and help you find out workable solutions to resolve the current problems. For example, when a person gets setbacks repeatedly by people around him, he starts living in distrust. This creates many physical, mental and emotional problems like depression, melancholy, aloofness, stress and sometimes even a lack of enthusiasm for life. Tarot can greatly benefit such people with its intuitive guidance by helping them find the root cause of their problems and helping them move on as healthier individuals.

This is why Tarot cards are an excellent tool for self-discovery. When we know ourself well, we can take better and positive decisions for the future.

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