Author name: Ashi Sharma

Ashi Sharma is a Digital Marketeer by profession and a young healer, tarot reader, painter, guitarist, singer and a dancer by passion and spirit. Besides that she is a Reiki Master and is doing professional tarot readings as well. She is a B.B.A. graduate from Millennium School of Business. You can read her blogs at​. You can reach her at

Algiz - The Guardian Rune

Algiz – The Guardian Rune – Energy of the week 8 – 14 January 2024

In the ancient Norse mythology, Algiz, the guardian rune, emerges as a symbol wrapped in the sacred energies of protection, guidance, and the profound dance between the seen and the unseen. Let us embark on a journey through the mythological landscapes, exploring Algiz not just as a rune but as a guardian spirit whispering tales

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weighty issues

Weighty Issues

  France banned unhealthy models May 3rd 2017 by law according to which, models require a doctor’s certificate attesting their state of health to be compatible for their work. Another law says photoshopped images to be labelled if being published. A great step towards restraint the industry for setting up unrealistic body standards. But do

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