Unlocking the Secrets of Laguz: A Dive into the Waters of Divination

As the soft whispers of the ancient winds still echo through the corridors of time, one cannot help but be mesmerized by the mystical power and energies of the rune symbols. To the uninitiated, these cryptic marks etched upon wood, stone, or paper might seem like a mere collection of random lines and marks. But to those who have delved deep into the realm of divination, runes are the keys that unlock a portal to the past, a bridge to the present, and a glimpse into the future. Laguz, the rune of intuition and hidden knowledge, guides us on this journey, helping us to tap into our inner wisdom and navigate the unseen currents of life.

Imagine, standing on the cliff of knowledge, peering into the vast expanse of the unknown. As a delver of the world of rune casting, I have witnessed the profound transformation that unfolds when these enigmatic symbols are cast upon the sacred canvas of one’s life. It is a practice steeped in tradition, weaving the threads of history, spirituality, and intuition into a tapestry of insight.

Each rune symbol is a repository of ancient wisdom, a vessel that carries the collective knowledge of our forebears. They are not just letters or shapes but fragments of a forgotten language, a connection to the primal energies that shape our destinies. The act of casting runes is a dialogue with the unseen forces that govern our existence, a conversation with the universe itself.

When we lay out the runic stones or cards and cast them upon the earth, we, in essence, invite the universe to speak to us. As the symbols fall and arrange themselves in a unique pattern, it’s as though the cosmos is whispering its secrets. Each symbol, with its distinct meaning and energy, offers a piece of the puzzle, guiding us through life’s labyrinthine passages.

In the articles that follow, we shall embark on a journey to unravel the mystique of rune divination. We will explore the history, the symbolism, and the intricate dance between the runes and the human soul. Join us as we dive deep into the wellspring of knowledge, drawing forth insights that will not only enlighten our paths but also stir the embers of ancient wisdom that still burn within our hearts.

Energies of the week 16-22 October 2023

Laguz upright-

This week, take a moment to dive into the waters of your soul, and you may just uncover the profound revelations it holds. I’ve witnessed Laguz’s transformative power firsthand. It serves as a reminder that the deepest truths are often concealed beneath the surface, waiting for us to explore the waters of our inner world. Whether in times of turmoil or serenity, Laguz is a guiding light, encouraging us to embrace our emotional depths and navigate life’s currents with wisdom and grace.

The Essence of Laguz

At first glance, Laguz may appear deceptively simple, with its flowing lines resembling a gentle, winding river. However, this rune represents far more than mere water; it represents the very currents of our lives. Water is the eternal element of change, the embodiment of both stillness and motion. It can be a calm, reflective pool or a raging torrent, much like the emotional tides that shape our human experiences.

Laguz, as the embodiment of water, delves into the deep recesses of our emotions and intuition. It calls upon us to navigate our emotional landscapes, to explore our feelings and desires. It is the mirror to our inner selves, reflecting the subconscious and the secrets we may not even be aware of.


Divinatory Meanings of Laguz

When Laguz appears in a runic reading, it carries with it a profound message. It suggests a need to pay attention to your emotions. In divination, Laguz can take on several interpretations, each offering a unique facet of its wisdom:

  1. Emotional Tides: Laguz may indicate a period of emotional fluctuation, much like the ever-changing nature of water. It encourages you to ride these tides with grace, understanding that both calm and stormy waters have their purpose in your personal growth.
  2. Intuition and Dreams: This rune is a beacon guiding you toward your inner self. It may suggest that your intuition and dreams hold the answers you seek, and it’s time to listen to your inner voice.
  3. Transformation: Laguz signifies the potential for profound transformation. Like water’s ability to erode and shape landscapes, this rune encourages you to adapt and evolve as needed, to let go of what no longer serves you.
  4. Unseen Influences: Laguz can reveal hidden influences in your life, be they positive or challenging. It prompts you to trust your instincts and pay attention to the subtle energies at play.
  5. Healing and Cleansing: Water cleanses and purifies. Laguz can signify a time for emotional or spiritual healing, encouraging you to release emotional baggage and start anew.
  6. Love and relationships: Laguz is a good omen for your love life. It signifies a joyful reunion with your loved ones and homecoming. It symbolizes the end of a turbulent phase in love connections.
  7. Finances and Investments- Materially, it suggests prosperity and growth. But it also advises patience as growth happens in phases.

Tip: Bless your water with positive and healing affirmations before drinking or bathing. Try to be mindful of your water intake and usage this week. Try to avoid unnecessary wastage of water. It is a good time to spend some time around water bodies. Pay attention to your dreams and intuitive hunches.

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