Tarot Predictions for the Week 16 October 2023 – 22 October 2023

General Theme of this week:

Ambitions, Moving forward, Abundance, Changes, Completion

Aries: The Star

Being ambitious is good but wanting everything at once isn’t working in your favor, Aries! You want this and then you also want that- we get it. However, focusing on one thing at a time will speed up your manifestation ten times more. At the same time, you may think you want something really bad but in reality, that might not serve you well. Try and meditate on what it is that would really bring you joy or contentment in the long run. The Star card is here to tell you that it’s good to have hope and stay on the path that will lead you to your dreams. Just one dream at a time.

Taurus: The Tower

If growth and change are what you seek, this is the time you’ll experience it at its peak, Taurus! The Tower card signifies major transformation both in terms of career and relationships. You may find yourself feeling extra exhausted as these major changes take place in and around you. Being in your comfort zone will not let you move forward and this week presents itself as an opportunity to go above and beyond towards your goals. If there’s any aspect in your life that you refuse to see clearly, use this time to see situations as opportunities of change and growth rather than hurdles or challenges.

Gemini: The Magician

Your confidence is on fire this week, Gemini! You approach new plans and projects with great vigor and are now seeking to build things and start afresh. Make sure you don’t get too absorbed in your own magic. That’s right, it is equally important to take others’ inputs and feelings into account before you move forward. Ask yourself if something you’re about to do has a negative impact on someone else. Additionally, it is good to practice your communication skills and be kind while asking others about their thoughts. You know how to do it but it might get better with a few external insights.

Cancer: The Chariot

Be open to the endless possibilities coming your way this week, Cancer! You’re receiving good news and then some more. The Chariot card represents major openings in your life especially in terms of career. Your determination has led you to come to this point and it is the driving force to take you even further. Don’t lose hope if the previous events have led to no fruition in your desired outcomes. The constant need to fight might be coming your way sometimes. It’s okay to feel low occasionally but know that happy days are here finally.

Leo: Ace of Wands

The indecisiveness is coming to an end for you, Leo! You’re about to embark on a new journey, especially in terms of your work. You’re starting to feel excited about this new idea and working on projects. The sudden rush might be just the thing you need to get going. Your spontaneity and vigour have supported you throughout and now is the perfect time to be bold. Ace of Wands is here to affirm your plans and move ahead. It might be as easy as taking a trip to get that insight for you. Whatever it is, you got this!

Virgo: Four of Pentacles

What is it that you’re holding on too tight, Virgo? Four of Pentacles is here to tell you to let go of things that are not in alignment with your highest good. These things might be some emotional baggage from the past, people that you’re attached to, or simply your possessions. While it may not be the best time to spend extravagantly, this week is all about letting go of things in order to move on. You may be isolating yourself this week and taking some time off. Make sure you’re maintaining the balance in your social and personal life while you’re choosing to keep things to yourself.

Libra: Eight of Pentacles

It might get a bit tiring for you this week, Libra! Juggling between your personal and professional life may seem overwhelming for you. Despite the exhaustion, know that this is a sign of progress and success. Whether you’re starting a new job or moving forward in an already existing one, it is your time to shine. Consider this time as your learning period where you’re finetuning your skills with every step. You’ll be offered help this week. Maybe it’s time to learn how to receive good things and help in your life. Stay open to possibilities.

Scorpio: Queen of Pentacles

You are ‘abundance’ in the living form this week, Scorpio! You’ve got what it takes. The queen of Pentacle’s energy is all about living in luxury and having everything available to her. This energy brings more than what you’ve asked for. The universe is reassuring you that if you have any doubts regarding achieving a certain goal whether financially or in a relationship, you need not worry. Your no-bullshit attitude is aided by this card wherein you’re guided to stand your ground and not listen to others. Ground yourself and let the energy of this card flow through you this week.

Sagittarius: Ten of Pentacles + Page of Pentacles

Feeling complete from within and having financial fulfillment is your theme this week, Sagi! You might be up for a promotion or a raise in your work. Keep up the good work! These cards also mean that you’re stable in your lifestyle and content with what you have right now. You might finally decide where you want to go next and what you wish to invest your energy in. This week brings promising beginnings for new. Just like the new moon energy, your vibe is all about setting new goals for the future in the most grounding way possible. You go Sagi!

Capricorn: Ten of Wands

You’ve taken on more than you can handle this week, Capri! Even though you’re closing in on your present journey, it is getting you tired with each passing day. Yes, you’re doing what you like and perhaps going places for it too but make sure you’re taking some out for yourself too. Carrying too much can take a toll on your health, especially if you aren’t aware of it. Ten of Wands is here to tell you to take one thing at a time. You might be enjoying the high that you’re getting from all the work but it’s good to have some balance. This is only temporary, however. You’ll soon be at the end of this journey and onto the next.

Aquarius: Two of Swords

You might feel like you have difficult decisions to make this week, Aquarius. The presence of air elements in this card also tells us that you might be way over in your head regarding these decisions. You might be picking a fight that isn’t yours. If you find yourself in the middle of an argument, take a moment to understand what’s really happening rather than jumping to conclusions. Additionally, this card also represents certain truths that you’re avoiding looking at. Reality might not be what you think and hence it is best to hold out on announcing anything big that you regret later on. Seek help if you feel like you’re stuck somewhere.

Pisces: Queen of Wands

You’re doing all that you can and maybe more, Pisces! This fiery energy of the Queen of Wands represents achievements for you this week. You’re getting things done in good time. However, too much fire can also cause you to forget a few things here and there. After all, taking charge of your life and setting new things in motion is easier said than done. But, you’re doing it all. You’re making plans and looking forward to living your best life. Sometimes, this fire can also make you short-tempered. Try being a bit more kind towards yourself and others around you. Have patience because no buildings are made overnight!

Deck: Golden Black Cat Tarot Deck

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