The Warrior’s Rune Unveiled – Tiwaz

Hello, my fellow architects of destiny!

Consider this moment a pause, a chance to catch your breath before the grand finale of the year. You’ve weathered storms and basked in sunlight; you’ve triumphed, stumbled, and danced with the rhythm of your heartbeat. As the author of your narrative, you wield a pen that transcends ink and paper—it is the pen of choices, resilience, and the unwavering spirit that courses through your veins.

In the mystical realm of runic symbolism, Tiwaz stands tall, a symbol reminiscent of a spear, reaching towards the heavens with an air of unwavering resolve. As a devoted guide in the ancient art of rune casting, I invite you to embark with me on a journey through the nuanced landscapes of Tiwaz—the rune of the warrior, the beacon of courage, and the guardian of justice.

The Stalwart Presence of Tiwaz

Behold Tiwaz, a vertical line intersected by a single diagonal line, a striking visual representation of a warrior’s spear pointing towards the sky. This rune exudes an aura of strength, honour, and the indomitable spirit of those who stand firm in the face of challenges. In its essence, Tiwaz embodies the archetype of the warrior, a force that aligns with justice, self-discipline, and the courage to face adversity head-on.

Energies of the week 18 December-24 December 2023

When Tiwaz graces a runic reading, its energy courses through the seeker, offering insights into the battles they face, both internal and external. This rune is a symphony of guidance, urging the seeker to embody the warrior’s virtues. Here are some facets of Tiwaz’s divinatory wisdom:


  1. Courage and Conviction: Tiwaz is the torchbearer of courage, calling upon the seeker to face challenges with unwavering determination. It whispers of the strength that resides within, urging one to confront adversity with a heart aflame with conviction.
  2. Justice and Honor: This rune aligns with principles of justice and honour, prompting the seeker to assess their actions and decisions against a moral compass. It’s a call to uphold integrity and navigate life with a sense of honour and fairness.
  3. Self-Discipline: Tiwaz encourages the seeker to embrace self-discipline as a weapon against chaos and uncertainty. It is a reminder that the disciplined mind and spirit are formidable allies in the quest for personal growth and success.
  4. Strategic Action: Like a seasoned warrior on the battlefield, Tiwaz advises the seeker to approach challenges with a strategic mindset. It suggests thoughtful and deliberate actions, guiding one to consider the long-term consequences of their choices.
  5. Spiritual Warriorhood: Beyond the physical realm, Tiwaz invokes the concept of the spiritual warrior. It prompts the seeker to embark on a journey of self-discovery, facing inner conflicts and emerging victorious in the pursuit of spiritual growth.

Embarking on the Warrior’s Path

As a practitioner deeply immersed in the art of rune casting, I’ve witnessed the transformative power of Tiwaz in guiding individuals through their battles, be they internal struggles or external conflicts. Tiwaz is not merely a symbol; it is a guiding force, an ally that empowers the seeker to embody the virtues of the warrior.

So, if Tiwaz graces your runic spread, know that you are being called to embrace the warrior within. Let courage be your armour, justice your shield, and self-discipline your sword. As you navigate the battlefield of life, may the energy of Tiwaz be your steadfast companion, guiding you towards victory in your noble quest.

“May you walk the warrior’s path with unwavering strength, and may the wisdom of Tiwaz illuminate your journey with the enduring flame of courage and honour.”

Tip: Keep the promises you make. Stick to your word. Fulfil your end of the bargain. Ask yourself, ‘What are you willing to sacrifice in this moment, to reach your ultimate goal?’ and act upon that guidance. Be righteous in your act. Acting deceitfully will cost you a lot more than what you will gain out of this situation in the long run. Embrace your masculinity, disregarding what gender you identify with. The situation you are facing at present will be handled fairly and in favour of the one who is true and righteous.

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