Wunjo Reversed Rune – Navigating the Ebb of Joy’s Currents

In the symphony of time, each year is a unique melody. Before 2023 ends, here is your chance to compose a masterpiece. Hear the music within your soul, the rhythm of resilience, the harmony of hope, and the Geetam of courage. Let this be the year you dance to the beat of your ambitions, casting aside doubts like old costumes no longer fitting the role you’re destined to play.

Energies of the week 11 December-17 December 2023

In the mystical lexicon of runic symbolism, Wunjo stands as the radiant embodiment of joy, an ethereal current that courses through the veins of life. However, when this luminous rune takes a transformative twist and reveals itself in a reversed position, it becomes a poignant call to explore the nuanced facets of happiness and the shadows that may linger within its glow. As a devoted guide in the realm of runic mysteries, I invite you to join me in unravelling the poetic narrative of Wunjo reversed, a rune that encourages us to navigate the ebb and flow of joy’s currents with introspection and resilience.

Visual Poetry of Wunjo

Envision Wunjo in its upright glory, a harmonious convergence of two mirrored peaks, akin to the embrace of kindred spirits. In its reversed stance, Wunjo takes on a different dance. It encourages us to explore the depths beneath the surface of our contentment. The peaks now cast shadows, and it is within these shaded realms that the wisdom of Wunjo reversed unfolds.

This altered posture doesn’t negate joy but invites us to contemplate its ephemeral nature and acknowledge the transient shadows that accompany its brilliance. Wunjo reversed becomes a mirror reflecting not only the radiance of happiness but also the subtle complexities that exist within its spectrum.

Divinatory Whispers of Wunjo Reversed

When Wunjo graces a runic reading in its reversed form, it weaves a tale of introspection, urging us to delve into the shadows that may temper our joy. Here are some insights that Wunjo reverse may gently unveil:

1. Surface vs. Depth:

Wunjo reverse prompts us to explore the contrast between surface-level contentment and the deeper, more profound layers of joy. It encourages us to look beyond fleeting pleasures and seek enduring sources of fulfilment.

2. Unacknowledged Discontent:

This rune whispers about discontent that may be lingering beneath the facade of happiness. It invites us to acknowledge and address any lingering issues or unmet needs that may be casting shadows on our well-being.

3. Navigating Emotional Currents:

Much like a river that flows with both turbulence and serenity, Wunjo encourages us to navigate the emotional currents of life. It’s a call to embrace the entirety of our emotional landscape, even the less pleasant aspects.


4. Alignment with True Desires:

Wunjo reverse prompts us to reassess whether our pursuits align with our authentic desires. It asks us to question if our current path is genuinely contributing to our well-being or if adjustments are needed for a more fulfilling journey.

5. Embracing Transience:

Joy, like the seasons, is ever-changing. Wunjo conversely invites us to embrace the transience of joy, acknowledging that its nature is to ebb and flow. It encourages us to find peace in impermanence and savour the moments of happiness as they come.

Journeying Through Joy’s Shadows

As a practitioner of the runic arts, I’ve witnessed the transformative power of Wunjo reversed in guiding individuals through the subtle nuances of joy. It is not a call to reject happiness but an invitation to understand its depths and shadows, to embrace the depth within the light, and to navigate the currents of joy with authenticity.

So, if Wunjo reversed graces your runic spread, consider it an opportunity for introspection. Dive into the shadows, explore the undercurrents of your contentment, and let the wisdom of this reversed rune be your guide. May your journey through joy’s shadows be a tapestry woven with self-discovery, resilience, and the enduring radiance of authentic fulfilment.

Tip: Ask yourself what are you trying to hide with all your achievements. Question what motivates you to achieve your goals. Is it the happiness you get out of reaching each milestone, or is it the pleasure you derive when you inflict pain on others with your actions? What is it that truly makes ‘YOU’ happy?

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