6 of Earth – The Gift of Random Act of Kindness

I was travelling back home after meeting my cousin. She had given me some accessories some for myself and others if I can find someone eligible to use them. While I was walking towards Andrews Ganj, I was thinking about how emotionally dry have I become. When I was taking a leave, she actually had to remind me to hug her. All these things seem to be so natural earlier. I guess the turbulent times which has recently passed has left a much deeper impact on me than I have actually expected. I really felt terrible about myself.


Such thoughts continued to occupy my mind. I was just trying to figure out what is really there in my subconscious which I need to heal so that I can let go of this new pattern which I have recently developed. A pattern where I try to stay away from people, where I try to avoid any deep conversations with people. I guess this was just a defense mechanism which is up right now because sub- consciously I Still believe that I am still in that phase where things are not according to me.

I hopped on a bus back home, bought a ticket and grabbed a window seat. The bus was quiet empty. After two stations, a family of three got on the bus. They were those plastic Bucket sellers which exchange their commodities for clothes and shoes. The father grabbed a seat at the back and the mother and daughter took a seat before me.

I looked at the girl and felt like giving the accessories to her wich my cousin had given for this purpose. But at the same time I felt hesitant. I felt a little scared. I had no idea why but my heart started pumping. An inner voice started to echo in my head, “Give it to her….Give it to her….” I still felt a fear. Perhaps I had learnt to doubt myself now.

I gathered all my strength and took out a neck piece and a bracelet from my bag and handed it over to her. She just jumped in surprise! She was really very happy! Her eyes had a beautiful sparkle when she looked at me with gratitude. It was so warm that my Ice cold frozen heart just melted.


All of a sudden a lot of things started falling in place. I just remembered the Tarot card 6 of Pentacles.

The meaning of this card became even clearer now. As it is important to give something, it is equally important to receive. When you give someone something, it not just you are giving but you receive as well. You receive something energetically from the ether which is intangible. You can just feel it. Similarly when you are in the position of receiving, you are not just receiving but also giving the other person an opportunity to feel gratitude. Giving and receiving is a ‘Double Exchange’ of super positive energies.

People have a big issue these days to be in the position of receiving. It is because we have a negative association with receiving. Most of the time it is because we have deserving issues(For those who don’t know what are deserving issues, it is a feeling or a belief which is generally subconscious having roots in your childhood experiences that you feel you are not worthy or deserving of receiving).  Healing these issues is another topic which I’ll cover another day.

For today I have only one tip for you to be awesome. Just go out and give someone something. It doesn’t have to be big. It can be a biscuit to a dog, glass of water to the vegetable seller or the courier guy, even a simple smile is more than enough.

As Quoted in P.S. I love You, Compiled by H. Jackson Brown, Jr.


Today, give a stranger one of your smiles. It might be the only sunshine he sees all day.

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-Ashi Sharma

Ashi Sharma is a Digital Marketeer by profession and a young healer, tarot reader, painter, guitarist, singer and a dancer by passion and spirit. Besides that she is a Reiki Master and is doing professional tarot readings as well. She is a B.B.A. graduate from Millennium School of Business. She also writes blogs. You can read her blogs at .
You can reach her at spiritualroadisawesome@gmail.com.

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