Simple Ways to Heal your Mind and Body – III – Channeling Emotions

emotionsEmotions are an excellent and powerful form of energy. Though ignored, demeaned and devalued, emotions are actually valuable messages from deep within the wisdom of the soul.

When channeled properly, they can bring about changes and manifestation of your goals very easily. Hope you enjoyed the first 2 parts of this series of Simple Ways to Heal, and found the techniques simple and easy to use. We worked with Grounding and being aware of our Aura. In this part, we will build upon those techniques and learn how to channel our emotions so that they do not negatively interfere in our day- to-day life and activities.

Emotions are celebrated, repressed, manipulated, humiliated, adored and ignored. Rarely are emotions honoured. The damage caused in denying human emotions creates truly inhuman problems. In our society, “bad” emotion is anger, grief or sadness. Repressed anger turns to inner rage, torment and suicidal urges; whereas denied fear turns into panic attacks and a distrust of people and life in general. These are the rewards of repressing the emotions.

Expressing emotions is better than repressing them. However, if emotions are very strong, expressing them can create both external and internal turmoil. The external turmoil occurs when we pour our strong emotions all over some unfortunate soul. The internal turmoil occurs when we realize that we have startled or hurt someone with our outpouring, which makes us feel guilty and ashamed of ourselves. Our strong emotions make us lash out or blame someone else for our feelings, and trick us into believing that someone else is in control of our emotions. So what can we do? We can channel our emotions. 

When we express our emotions, we hand them to someone hoping they will be noticed, honoured or healed. When we repress them, we hand them to our inner world hoping to be taken care of and transformed into something more acceptable to us. Neither technique works for very long. Expression makes us unworkably dependent of therapists, books, friends etc. On repression, body stores the emotions somewhere until they begin to show as pain, illness or suicidal urges as a means of purging.

When you listen, honour and channel your emotions, your emotions will take care of you in ways you might not be able to believe in right now. Emotions serve as a link between the body and soul. When body and soul are at odds due to ignoring or not handling emotions properly, the intellect often goes into high gear. This creates situations where people think too much and end up accomplishing nothing worthwhile.

Channeling Emotions

When a mood or an intense emotion comes up, your being is signaling a need for serious release work. When you can, please sit and ground yourself with your grounding cord.

When you are centered, let your body feel the intensity of emotion and let your mind describe the emotion in images and words.

Choose a colour and movement for the energy of your emotion. Anger might be hot and swiftly moving energy; fear may be electrically charged green swirl; sadness maybe a thick blue energy, grief maybe a solid, brown unmoving cloud. Your mind and body will help you choose the right colour and movement. Trust them. You may also/only feel the shape, movement or sound pattern. Use that which feels right.

Allow this energy to fill your body completely.

Then breathe it out into your aura. Fill your aura and body with this energy.

Study this energy and listen to it. You may experience sudden changes in temperature or energy flow. You may want to speak, yell, scream, cry or move around the room. DO IT. Keep listening. Another new emotion may emerge from within the chosen one. FORGIVE YOURSELF, welcome the new emotion and keep channeling. Do it as long as you like or feel comfortable.

After a period of 1 to 5 minutes, turn your grounding cord into a vacuum and suck the energy of emotion completely out of you.

Note any places in your body where the energy of emotion is stuck or resists grounding. ASK THE EMOTION WHY. Ask it why, thank it and let it go.

When you are done, turn off the vacuum in your grounding cord and relax for a moment. BREATHE.

Fill your aura and body with golden healing light coming from universe on to top of your head (Crown Chakra).

“Bad” emotions bring us amazing insights because they carry so much energy with them. We can use these insights to bring positive changes in our life.

Emotions and what they Signifyemotions

 Anger – lack of boundaries,

Anxiety – fear of going out, of making movement, fear of disasters, severe reactions, and general dread of people

Sadness – harshness in environment

Grief – loss

Suicidal urges – need for liberty or freedom.

Depression – masks all feelings, sucks or drains away energy, constantly repeating emotion, uninterested in any kind of work

Despair – sign of long-ignored sadness

Hatred – sign of chronic lack of clear boundaries

When we channel emotions, we are in control of emotions rather than emotions controlling us. Balanced and happy people accept emotions and honour them. Practicing this technique regularly gives you a powerful tool to be iincharge of your life and emotions. With practice comes power and wisdom.

-Meetu Sehgal

(The techniques in this series of articles have been taken from Karla McLaren’s book “Your Aura & Your Chakras”. This book is highly recommended for those who want to learn these and many other techniques for a positive, healthier living.)

Meetu Sehgal, Personal Transformation Coach, EFT Trainer, NLP Practitioner, Tarot Reader and Holistic Healer, is Masters is Psychology and MBA graduate from SRCC, Delhi University. Through her training and coaching sessions, she has been passionately working with individuals helping them resolve health, wealth and relationship challenges. You can reach her at or

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