Manifest your Goals with Affirmations

affirmationsAffirmations are positive statements used for visualization and manifestation of goals. They are tools for defining our goals. They give clear cut directions to the universal energy to set in motion and bring out the positive results.

The word affirmation means confirmation of anything established or the act of affirming as true or a positive statement or a statement asserting the existence of truth.

Apart from manifesting the long term goals they can be used in our daily life as well.

Affirm before going out of the home that “I reach my destination safely and in time.” You can also affirm for the safety of your children.

The affirmations should be short and specific and worded in present tense as if it is already true. Get into the habit of framing and using them in daily life, they always work.

Examples of useful affirmations

  • I get all the green lights on my way to work.
  • I get the space in the parking.
  • My boss is going to sanction my leave today.
  • I get the table at the restaurant.
  • I find my lost keys now.
  • The person I am going to meet is amicable and cooperative.
  • I am able to learn easily and recall clearly during the exam.
  • I get out of the traffic jam smoothly.
  • There is a beautiful and blissful day ahead of me.
  • My energy levels are high today.
  • My home is safe while I am away for the vacation.

-Alka Sharma

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