Message for the 2nd Day of Navratri September 2019

Goddess Damara – Guiding Children

Damara is the Celtic Goddess of fertility, health, kindness and abundance. Today she brings the message for you to take care of your children or your inner child. We all have a child within us who feels too much, wants to be happy and have fun. 

Just as you take care of your children or of children in your family, similarly you need to take care of your inner child as well. Every time you are unkind and harsh on yourself, you are doing that behaviour to your inner child. Imagine how a child would feel is you behaved like that with them. Would they be happy and motivated to change or would they shut down and become sad or angry or aloof? 

Any positive change comes from love, not from scolding or criticism. Today the goddess is guiding you to be gentle and kind to yourself. Sometimes its difficult to do that given our upbringing where we are taught to be proper and obedient. But remember how protective a mother is towards her child? You need to do the same with your inner child, nurture them with love, protect them from unkind words and actions and gently and lovingly guide them ahead in the world. 

In doing so, you feel immense love coming from within. If you have ever wanted to experience and learn self love, this is your way ahead. 

Grace and Light

Meetu Sehgal

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