Inner Child Healing


Inner child healingEver wonder why all your life going from one relationship to another, you feel a constant void to be filled in? This emptiness in you waiting to be cradled, longing for your attention. We all end up just suppressing it by some or other means. Using alcohol or drugs is an option for a few while others may choose spending money on almost everything that appeals to the eye. From sex addiction, to work holism, life only revolves around catering to this void. What one fails to understand in this constant battle going in deep within is that it cannot be filled.


Much to the disappointment of many, this cannot be filled by any sources present outside. You may want to counter stating the level of satisfaction you get after shopping or say, after that lovely spooning post the intercourse you had with your partner. But had it been really fulfilling you would be happy. So do you really feel so? Ask yourself.

This void is nothing but our own inner selves asking for healing. All we end up doing is either ignoring them waiting for his inner bothering sensation to subside in the end or just feeding it with or temporary reliefs (suppression).

There is an urge in each one of us to be understood when we don’t understand ourselves fully.

Why does it bother you when someone shouts at you?

Why do you feel sad when there’s no one to accompany you for short errands or long trips?

How is it a problem if your partner doesn’t listen to you or doesn’t respond back or maybe he/she isn’t there when you need them the most?

I’m sure, for many readers out there, I must have pulled a few strings and you must be wondering, ‘What does she know about the pain that I go through when my kids don’t respond back?’

Well, dear readers, I’m just like you all. I don’t intend to say whether these feelings of anger or sadness, or loneliness or even fear, are bad. They’re there for as long as we have the ability to feel. Using the Inner Child Program, one can simply know why we feel what we do and heal it.

It is up to anyone who wishes to change or know the reasons behind this void in us.

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