Message for the First Day of Navratri September 2019

Isis – Past Life

Isis-Goddess Oracle

Navratri is a new beginning and every new beginning is preceded by an ending. Today’s message is for you to close the past chapters so that new ones can begin.

Goddess Isis is the Egyptian Goddess of fertility and feminity. The card is the past life card which says that this situation involves your past life memories. The memories don’t necessarily have to be from past life, they can be from the past in this life. You don’t have to remember particular memories if that’s not your strong suit. Having a sense of what needs to be let go of, what needs to change and what within you needs to transform is enough for these energies to help you take a step ahead.

Today sit in meditation for a while and allow your higher self to speak to you, to tell you what within you needs to change or let go. Be completely honest with yourself. Don’t censor any thought or word. All is welcome. Don’t doubt if you will hear or understand, because you are always being guided. You cannot go wrong. Have faith and trust.

Wishing you a happy Durga Puja and Hope you have a transformational Navratri!

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