The Spiritual Significance of Mother’s Day

If we take an example from life, we see the highest example of worldly love between a mother and a child. Think of a mother with her helpless infant. The mother dotes on the child. She is so filled with love for the child that there is no place inside her for anger. The infant may grab hold of the mother’s hair, beat the mother with his or her fists, and soil the mother’s clothes. The mother is filled with such love for the child that she can tolerate his or her behavior with understanding and compassion.

Mother’s Day is celebrated all over the world, honouring the motherhood. The relation of a mother and a child is a sacred one and full of unconditional love. We were reminded that without our mothers we would not be here. They sacrificed themselves to help us enter this world, yet, as we grow up, many forget. This day is a reminder to be grateful to our mothers for what they did to bring us into the world.

Similarly, we also forget that all of us, including our mothers and fathers and the generations who preceded them, are here because of the true Mother or Parent, God. We forget that we exist only because we have been created by God. Many think they are the center of the universe.

In earlier times, scientists used to believe that the solar system revolved around the earth. However, later they came to know that the solar system revolves around the sun. Similarly, we think that all creation revolves around us. Little do we realize that we are players in the giant drama of God. This creation is the Lord’s play, and we are bit players. We may think we are separate from God, but we are a creation made by God and are playing our roles. We are all a part of God.

The deeper meaning of Mother’s Day is to not only honor our mothers for giving us life physically, but also to honor our true Parent, God, who gave us life at all levels: physically, intellectually, and spiritually. When we remember our mothers, we should also remember God for creating us. Any of us who are parents know the pain felt when our children are not grateful for all the love and sacrifice made for them. We also know how happy we feel when they recognize our love for them. In the same way, we can think of the difference between those who remember God with gratitude and those who are either ungrateful or do not even acknowledge the existence of God.

How can we remember God? When we sit in silent meditation, we can commune with the spiritual Power within us. Through inner concentration in meditation, we can experience God. Through that experience, we then know there is God, that we are soul, and there is a way to reconnect the two. The more we experience God within, the more we can appreciate and be grateful for God’s gifts.

H. H. Sant Rajinder Singh Ji
H. H. Sant Rajinder Singh Ji

How many of us have ever thanked God for the life we have been given? We complaint to God when things go wrong, but what about hundreds of things that God has given us? Through seeing God with our own inner spiritual eye and hearing the Sound of God with our inner spiritual ear, we grow in gratitude for God as we are showered with grace and Godly love.

As we celebrate Mother’s day, we must commit ourselves to reciprocate our mother’s love not only on the occasion of mother’s day but every day. We must also thank God for he gave us this opportunity of a human life. The best way to thank God for innumerable blessings and unending love is to lead an ethical, loving life, devoting regular time to meditation practices in order to advance rapidly on the inner spiritual path.

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