How to Ask for Help from Angels

Over the last few days many people have been asking me about how to ask for help from angels, how to work with angels etc. So here goes the answer. 

What are Angels?

Angels are divine beings of light. They are unconditional and are always looking after you. They love you no matter what and they can never judge you. Angels don’t ask you to worship them but rather they are keen to be of service and willing to help you anytime. Think of them as your personal assistants, guards and friends.

How to ask Angels for help?

Angels are always ready and available to help you. But they cannot interfere with your free-will. So you have to specifically ask them for help.

You do not need a ritual, though having a ritual helps especially to clear your mind and become more entered. Anything that you ask from a clear and uncluttered mind manifests sooner. I teach more about rituals in my Healing with Angels Workshop.

Your prayer or asking can be as simple as “Angels, help me with (whatever you need help with)” or “Angels, please protect/guide me.” Or “Angels, please resolve this situation in the highest and best way.”

You can also pray specifically to an Archangel for specific areas of life. There are many Archangels that oversee different areas of life: for example, Archangel Michael is in charge of our protection and akashic records, Archangel Gabriel is in charge of communication and creativity, Archangel Ariel in charge of qualities like courage, strength and will, Archangel Raphael is in charge of performing and overseeing healings. These are just some of the areas and angels among many others. 

You can ask for help in specific areas from specific Archangels in charge of that area. For protection you can ask Archangel Michael:

“Dear Archangel Michael, thank you for protecting me and keeping me and my loved ones safe.”


“Dear Archangel Michael, release any toxic energy I may have absorbed, cut any cords of fear and negativity and protect me from harsh energies through the day.”

Am I disturbing them with asking too much or for something too trivial?

Sometimes I even ask them for help with finding a parking space. Nothing is too big or too small for angels. They want to make your life easier and they are willing to help you with it. They say that you don’t necessarily have to experience pain to learn your lessons, you can also learn through ease. 

The most important thing is you ask for help and don’t give them a script as to how you want them to help. The help can come in mysterious and miraculous ways. And stay open to receiving help and solutions.

Remember, angels are just a call away, literally.

If you wish to learn more about angels and Archangels and learn how to work with them, perform healings with their help and perform angel card readings, I am holding a workshop called Healing with the Angels this month where I will be teaching and discussing all about angels and ways to work and connect with them. Click here to know more.

Grace and Light

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