Message for the 5th day of Navratri – 3rd October 2019

Goddess Kali – Endings and New Beginnings

Goddess Kali is the epitome of change and transformation. The much revered and feared goddess is the one who brings in change when things are stuck, negative or in inertia. Her mention is powerful enough to bring waves of powerful and necessary change.

At times in life too, we get stuck, attached to the past and unable (sometimes unwilling) to move ahead. Getting stuck even in painful situations sometimes feels like a comfort zone because there is no idea what lies ahead – the fear or uncertainty of it can keep us from moving ahead.

Today’s message ties in perfectly with yesterdays’s message about transformation. Awareness is the beginning of a change process, but its the energy of change (that of Goddess Kali) that helps us get unstuck, sometimes in the form of a jolt or a kick in the back that is needed for us to move ahead.

If this is a theme that you have been working on or dwelling on, this is the perfect time to take action, to do something to make the change happen. Today might be a day about intense activity – mostly physical, some mental and emotional. Take some time to gather yourself and your energies and become proactive about the change process.

If you are unsure which area of life to begin with or what needs change, ask yourself – what do I need in my life? And what in my present life is not helping me towards it? 

You will know the answer. If you are unsure of how to begin the change, take a first step, no matter how tiny it is. Initiate proactive action.

An affirmation that might help you with this is “I am safe and I flow easily with change.”

with Grace and Light
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