Colour Therapy – How to Use Colours to Heal Yourself


Heal with ColoursColour is the language of the soul. Life will be dull without colours. Colours does affect ones feelings , emotions, mood & state of mind. Colours are essential for our body and soul, it keep our batteries charged. Colour therapy is called chromotherapy. It is able to use light  in the form of colour to balance energy lacking from a persons body  like physical, mental , emotional & spiritual. Colour therapy have been used for healing since ages.

A combination of chakras, their elements and colours are used for all kinds of ailments. Chakra means wheel. Spinning wheels of electric energy of diferent colours. Chakra store and distribute energy. There are 7 main chakras in our body , each chakra is associated with specific organs, glands in the body. 

Colours and Chakras

Each chakra has its element and colour. So when enegy gets imbalanced, that chakra becomes weak, so by using colour therapy for that chakra to balance its energy for well being.

1. Base / Root Chakra – (colour red), location – base of the body, earth element, adrenal gland 

Action oriented, base of spine, great strength, hemoglobin to multiply, increase energy , grounding & survival, security, stability, fear, courage, growth in career, need support, make you practical, vitality, skeletal system, kidneys, legs ,bones,muscles, excretory system, power to hold, teeth, arthritis, joint pains, osteoporosis, anemia, stiffness in body , knee pain, cramps in calf muscle.

2. Sacral Chakra – (colour orange), gonads gland, water element, location – two fingers below naval

Great need to be with people, creative, emotions, sexuality, anger, freedom, peace, intimacy, reproductive system, sociability, ovaries, testes, conception, menstraul cycle, menopause, burning sensation, lower abdomen, urine infection, large n small intestine.

3. Solar Plexus Chakra – (colour yellow), element fire, gland pancreas, location – four fingers above naval

Need logical order in life,magnetic, helps in digestion, cleansing, sense of security, happiness , flexibility, alternation, tones body, power, wisdom, career, digestive system, will power, ego, laughter, fame, blood related disorders, gall bladder, spleen, liver, pancreas, diaphragm, hiccups, gas, acidity, diabeties, cholestoral, purify blood, anger, low hb, uric acid.

4. Heart Chakra– (colour green), location – heart, element air, gland thymus

Not easily influenced, judgemental, fights irritability, cure hormonal balances, purify germs, bacteria , respiratory & circulatory system, heart, lungs, arms, chest, bronchia, respiration, ashtma, immune system,courage, fear, expression, public fear, stage phobia, confidence enhancer, need to love & to be loved

5. Throat Chakra – (colour blue),element space, gland throid, location – center of throat

Truth, patient, cool, smoothing, dreamy, peace,  logic, rationing, misunderstood, calming, lymphatic system, throat, vocal system, mouth, larynx, esophagus, neck, shoulder, tonsils, speech disorders, cough, creativity, tongue, communication skills.

6. Third Eye Chakra– (colour indigo), element space, gland pituitary, location – between eyebrows

Psychic abilities, focus, intuitive, mind, stress, high b.p, migrane, ambitious, memory, insomnia, nervous system, hormonal probs, peace, intelligence, clairvoyance, smell, hearing, imagination, epilepsy, mental disorders, nose & ear ailments, addictions, eye sight, meditation

7. Crown Chakra – (colour violet), location – top of the head, element space, gland pineal

Need emotional security & divine guidings, sensitivity to pain, help in detoxification, nervous system & cerebo system, spiritual connection, awakening of the self, knowledge, bliss, enlightenment, depression, upper brain, spirit attacks, skin, inner peace , artistic, intense ,generous

All colours have spiritual essence related to chakras inside the body, each colour relates to each chakra which is related to one endocrine gland & behaviour, secretion of hormones, these colours are present in our aura, generated by prana /energy to wrap human body. These colours in aura tells about the kind of personality we are.

Chromotherapy torch

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A stunning new healing modality tool, colour tool. By placing the particular colour disc in the torch, running this colour with accupressure holding points / meridians, energy will be assisted to flow these areas and balance will be achieved .

How to heal problems and utilise colour therapy

  • By charging colour water bottle in sunlight for some time (instant results)
  • Drink that water in specefic colour bottle without charging in sunlight  ( both will work )
  • Using that required colour in any form like wearing clothes, jewellery or wrist band .
  • Paint that colours wall in your room, using bedsheets of that colour, eating more colourful foods & applying that colour nail paint etc .

Incorporate more colours in your life. It will lead to heal your ailments and improve your character behaviour too.  When you are attracted to a certain colour, that colour holds healing properties for you. Fill your mind, body & soul with their healing rays of light.

**blessed be**

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