Divination With Magical Runes

rune-stones_orig[highlight]Runes reading – a magical oracle of divination sciences, Germanic ancient alphabets of magical symbols with very accurate insights, mystical & intuitive medium – it gives divine solutions and future guidance[/highlight]

Runes are Ancient Viking symbols/ Alphabets carved into rocks, pebbles, Ceramic, Crystal or Wooden Tumbles – upon which Healing Symbols (Runic Alphabets [Nordic Alphabets] are chiseled. These symbols are answers to your questions. Each Rune is a key to deep personal information, animal symbolism, own story & phonetic sound.

There are 25 Runes divided into 3 Aetts

The 24 + 1 Runes of the Elder Futhark are in their prescribed order for a reason. Each rune and each aett in turn is built upon a foundation of the runes that proceed in a logical and methodical pattern. The organization and arrangement of the Elder Futhark has been in use and in place for 3,000 years. Even the name “Futhark” is a representation of the first six runes of the first aett.

The runes of the Elder Futhark are divided into three groups of eight runes each. Each group is called an Aett.

The Three Runic Aettir 

The First Aett – Freya’s Aettir 

This aett symbolizes the creation of the universe, order out of chaos, and the creation of all things. It represents the Life Cycle, Practical matters and Desires of life

The Second Aett – Hagal’s Aettir

This aett is about the disruptive forces that cause great change in the energies established in the first aett. It represents THE FORCES of nature, emotional matters which is deep within us

The Third Aett – Tyr’s Aettir 

This aett is essentially about the gods and divinity. It represents the travel path of the first aett and forces of the second aett and inner & outer world both, association with others too, mixer of both aetts & MOST MASCULINE too.

I believe that fortune telling with Runes also creates a right roadmap of fortune for a Person. Rune Casting and Spreads gives a great hidden deep analysis of the future and guidelines how to proceed further and the Runic talismans, manifestations & Viking ways helps to be protected and able to achieve our goals faster.  Come and Learn the Magical Aspects of Professional Runes Reading with Us.


GEETIKKA  is a Certified Practitioner  & Visionary in the field of Divination Sciences, Motivational Healing & Empowerment . Founder & Director of “The Karmaa Tree – Awakening Of Occult” . She is An Internationally Renowned Holistic Healer, Spiritual Teacher, Ace Astrologer, Rune Reader, Tarot Card Reader, Angel Card Reader & Healer, Ace Numerologist, Colour Therapist, Fengshui, Crystal Therapist, Name & Signature Analyst, Aura Reader. 

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