Daily Rituals to Help You Connect with Your Higher Self and for Positive Vibes


Daily Rituals to Help You Connect with Your Higher Self and for Positive Vibes
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As a Healer, Light worker and Yogi, I always prefer some rituals that make every second of the life beautiful. Everyday Life is full of stress, unwanted thoughts, negative people or nagging people around us, but it does not mean that you start getting negative or feel like life is a burden. Instead you can practice some very basic rituals, that will help you realize that life is indeed very beautiful, full of ideas and positivity.

Ritual is a way of making contact and communication with our higher self and universe, bringing in transformation in an individual and the people surrounding him/her along with the whole cosmos. Rituals help in strengthening our connection with the universe, and in response universe strengthens our ties with our higher self and people who relate to us. Our vibes become more positive and similar people want to connect with us. New Relationships, Job offers, Money, Peace, Business ideas, Prosperity come our way easily.

The best times to do rituals are in the morning or evening. Morning, as the day is starting and your mind is fresh and crystal clear and physically as well you are in top condition. Evening as the day is ending and you are winding up and your mind is free from any stress and work or duties are completed.

Morning Rituals

Morning ritual is very simple, yet they are very potent, when done with a positive mind and not feeling it as a burden.

  • Start the Day with a smile on your face and thank universe for your life and its beauty.
  • Then do some breathing exercise/Yoga/any form of exercise. (Even if you can give 2 minutes for breathing exercise, it will help)
  • Have some quite time or meditate to collect the whole day. (Even 5 minutes are good enough)
  • Have Lemon water, it will remove sluggishness.
  • For clear mind whole day, have 2 Holy Basil Leaves.
  • In Shower, say thanks to the water for changing your energy from sleep to awake.
  • You can use citrus scent in your bath water or bathing products. It releases stress.
  • Light up some incense or essential oil, whatever feels right to you. Then facing towards north-east or east, say to the almighty or universe to be with you and take some deep breaths.
  • Ask all five elements – Spirit, Air, Water, Earth & Fire to be with you.
  • Inhale the fragrance and start your day.

These small rituals can change your whole day, make you relaxed and more focused. It hardly takes 10-15 min of your time but gives you a lot in return.

Evening Rituals

Evening ritual is again very simple, relaxing and potent when done with a positive state of mind and not as a burden.

  • Relax and calm yourself.
  • Have green tea or any organic tea as it helps in soothing and relaxing you.
  • Stand facing west. Focus there for two minutes and take some deep breaths.
  • Visualize that a white light is coming from universe and touching your head and entering your body.
  • Feel that light going to each part of your body. Wherever the energy is black or stressed out, this light is taking that blackness and stress out of you with it.
  • Feel that energy beam now going to the soles of your feet and coming out of your body and going into nothing – kind of a black hole.
  • Now feel your body is light, relaxed and cleansed.
  • Say thanks to the universe for the beautiful day, irrespective of how it was and go to sleep with a prayer to the universe and to God to bless and love you.
  • You can use amethyst or pure quartz crystal at your bedside for more sound sleep.

These small rituals make your sleep sound and relaxing and make your body work in tandem with universe, to make you more positive & energetic.

Hope the information can help, questions and doubts are welcome at my email id: Sunnyheals@gmail.com.

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