Writing as a means to Release Emotions

Releasing Emotions through WritingWe all have our own exceptional life stories with usual or unusual episodes like novels or movies. In novel the writer is known and if we are over curious about the climax, we can read the end pages first like many does. I wish life was also like that.

I remember once a friend asked me why people go to astrologer to know about future? Why people are so curious to know what will happen in the future? Life is beautiful because it’s unpredictable, so why spoil its charm by knowing the future in advance.

I too liked her charming philosophical view about life. The beauty of life is its mystery because the writer as well as the script is unknown. But sometimes this fact made us feel like a puppet in unknown hands.

And sometimes the ups and downs of life drain us mentality and physically so much that one wonders, “what next?”

One gets frustrated from constant multiple issues of life. To get solutions one tries to consult with friends, family and sometimes with astrologers. When there are difficulties, times seems to be paused. There are times when no solution seems to be working. That is because we are borrowing ready made solutions from others, from books, from astrology, from counselling. They all help only if they are helping us to hear the small voice within us. Otherwise we keep on moving from one frustration to another. 

In our busy lives we have made a habit of postponement. We keep on postponing our dreams, reactions to an unpleasant situation and relationship, anger, pain and much more. We keep on storing up everything. Thus heaps of emotions are unaddressed and ignored and suppressed inside. So many of us are carrying so much emotional baggage while leading so called “normal lives”. Sometimes we can put our best fake smiles and sometimes we don’t even bother to hide our frustrations.

When life seems to be complicated and you get puzzled because of multiple issues, this is alarming. We all have a small inner voice. Our body is not just a physical phenomenon. Our bodies give alarms which we tend to ignore. These little alarms are like headaches, upset stomach, body aches, acidity etc. When our mind is full of stress it starts affecting our physical body and mental health. 

There are times when there are so many issues simultaneously going on that you don’t know from where to start. Sometimes you feel your mind will blast due to over thinking and then you again try to ignore and escape. But this is not the solution.

When I was in my teenage, I used to write daily. I did not have many friends to share my emotions. So my dairy was my best friend. At night before sleeping I used to write each detail of that day. I still keep a ‘Gratitude Journal‘. I have found that writing is a great catharsis tool. Writing is a tried and true way of tuning into your feelings. It is a great self help process. 

It is said that if you really want to know life and this metaphysical world, “Know Thyself”, means know yourself. We are fed with so many thoughts and desires but we really don’t know what we actually want. If we start communicating with ourself, then only we can get clarity. For this introspection is must.

Writing is a wonderful way of introspection. It is a very simple process and you can do totally on your own, but it’s surprising how few people take advantage of this wonderful healing technique. I find writing emotionally calming. The best thing is I can pour out all my anger and hurt on the paper. Thus I am not fighting with others and not hurting others. And same time the anger that was hurting me inside and disturbing me mentally gets released in a positive way. My suppressed emotions got a catharsis through writing. 

Whenever you are writing for emotional healing, it is very important to be honest and vulnerable. Don’t filter your thoughts or change the words just because you are not ready to accept how much negative you are holding inside. Even if your words are not as sophisticated as you believe, let it be. This will help you to connect with yourself. Its like looking into the mirror without any make up.

Write honestly about difficult or hurtful experiences in detail. I am going to share the process I do with myself when I find that few things are still haunting me at subconscious level and affecting my present life. 

Find a quite time where you will not be distributed for fifteen minutes. Keep your mobile phone away from you. Write down all the issues that you struggling with, in brief. After that read them again, take that point which is really bothering you at this point of life. For example, “I am not happy with my career because…”.

Drink some water. Set an alarm for 15 minutes. Take papers and pen. Close your eyes for a moment, focus on that sentence and then start writing it. Write whatever comes in your  mind, after the sentence, “I am not happy with my career because…”.

Don’t bother if words you are writing make sense or not. You may digress from one point to another. This may be senseless. This may seem illogical and funny. But you have keep on writing what ever comes up. Don’t break the flow till the alarm rings.

You may find this stupid but believe me this really works. You have to stick to this single sentence for 10-15 days. You will be astonished to see how much you were holding inside. When these layers of emotional baggage start clearing, there will be more peace and clarity in your mind. Then you will start getting solutions to your issues. A calm mind can take better decisions.

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