Author name: Arushi Sharma

Arushi Sharma is a writer by profession and a wildlife enthusiast. She has actively participated in Leadership Training Service Programmes during her school life. Besides this, she has been working in the Management and Human Resource department for Beats Music Academy. She is an Advocate, writing under the pen name R.S. and currently working as a freelancer, you can reach her at for any queries or feedback.

Republic Day

Be Open to Possibilities – A Message for this Republic Day

As Einstein has pointed out that ‘we cannot expect a different result if we keep on doing the same thing over and over again’ Listening to patriotic songs and watching movies of great inspiration, blaming our leaders, political parties and the drama attached is one way to feel better about yourselves, but what is it …

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Relationships in the age of Speed Dating

Relationships in the Age of Speed-Dating

The definition of romance has changed, even the kind of dating we prefer has taken a different path. Ever since I tried this online dating app, my curiosity grew more. ‘Girl meets boy’ is no longer the ideal form. It’s not like lesbian or gay couples didn’t exist earlier, but people know and accept more now. With time, ma

Makar Sakranti

Makar Sakranti

Makar Sankranti, for most of the northern regions in India, or Thai Pongal for Tamil Nadu, or Magh Bihu for Assam, or Uttarayan for Gujarat, is the festival referring to a Solar day as per the Hindu calendar, occurring in January every year. For the farmers, it is considered one of the main festivals and as India has b

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