Call of the Heart and Soul

Heart and SoulTrapped in a world of obligations and expectations, he was suffocated. Every time he went to the work place, he felt like taking a U-turn. But, something stopped him every time. His own voice, in his head, echoing, ‘There’s no other way. Where will you go? You’re not financially independent. Its time to prove yourself. It’s now or never.’ He couldn’t help but listen to this voice and kept moving ahead, feeling as burdened as ever. Jai thought it was better to keep quiet after having endless arguments with his father. His father won’t listen to him and nor did the employees at this workplace. He tried really hard to fit in. But the judgement of these hawk-eyed illiterate factory workers really ignited the fire in Jai. He even ended up abusing them at times, leading to protests, followed by an hour long thrashing from his father. He felt trapped. After all, what could he possibly do to get out of this never-ending loop? He heard two employees talking, out of which one said to the other, “Haha! Seems like this time Jai bhaiya is here for only a couple of days. Lets see how long he can work, or perhaps “rest” in the factory.”

He managed to gulp down his anger with a glass of cold water. Jai was full of ideas, having acquired a degree and experience in management. But only if his father would listen to him. Nevertheless, these monotonous visits to the factory every morning made no sense to him. His father could hire a manager instead to get the work done efficiently. Jai had a bigger dream though. ‘To run a beautiful restaurant-cum-bar with all these live themed kitchens and so much more.’ He knew if he started working on it, it would be nothing less than a success! Alas! He lacked initiative and investment. Jai needed help but he dint know where to start from. It was too confusing. It wasn’t long before he realised his father won’t ever lend him a hand in this idea of his. He continued to surrender to this drama and subdued his father’s wishes until one day, after returning from work, he got a call.

“Yes?” said Jai.

“So, we went through your mail and it was something really brilliant. We have spoken to other participants as well and shortlisted your name. Will it be possible for you to arrange a meeting for, umm..let’s say tomorrow?” said the other person on call.

“I think there’s a misunderstanding. I have absolutely no idea of what you’re referring to, Sir. I never sent a mail to anyone in the recent past.” Replied Jai, quite shocked at this guy.

“No. But, we did receive your number through your mail only. It was sent a week ago. We can discuss the terms in the meeting only, as told to you earlier.” Replied the guy.

“Sir, what is it about?” Jai got a bit curious, listening to the fact that someone he knows used his mail ID.

“You’re joking right? I’m calling from BYL Group of companies. My name is Lalit and I’m calling from the Investment branch of the company. We have been constantly in touch through your mail ID. I think you probably have forgotten about it. It’s okay. A person like you, working so hard for your dreams, I can understand how this must have happened. Anyways, call me back to confirm the timings on this number itself.”

Jai was amazed at what he had just heard. After half an hour of brainstorming, it finally struck him! “Meera! Argghh!” He called her up as she was the only one to know his password.

“Why? How?? Like how could you have even used my mail ID without my permission? Who the hell gave you the authority to send my business ideas to people around? Can you be any more petty Meera?” He screamed over the phone call.

“Listen, calm down. Just go for the meeting. You can scold me all you want to. But please just go.”

He was so angry that it took him almost a day to cool off and call the investor guy back. After going for the meeting, he called her up on his way back.

“Meet me downstairs in 10. Will tell you everything.” Jai told Meera, sounding really secretive.

He couldn’t be thankful enough to her. After much negotiation, the investor company had agreed to settle the terms mostly according to Jai and it was nothing short of a miracle! He couldn’t think of anyone else better to celebrate this good news with. Being humble as she was, Meera dint accept any of those praiseful comments from him as she believed it was purely his intelligence involved. She only helped him to gain confidence. All his life, Jai had only thought of somehow managing to accomplish all these expectations of his father and be able to stand financially independent. But this time, his views had changed.

‘What if you no longer have to try to fit in to any frame that someone else sets for you?’

‘What if you set your own life according to your own free will?’

‘It won’t amount to absolute freedom if it gets your creativity and passion out there for the world to witness.’

The answer to all these questions lies within ourselves. Apart from all the extreme bookish things that we have been reading, staying positive only helps provided one has faith in themselves. Jai found his lost confidence and built up an entire three-storied café bar and named it as ‘corazón y alma’ meaning ‘Heart and soul’ in Spanish. It was entirely his efforts, his hard work which his family, including his mother was proud of. He could finally break-free all the established norms in his family. He went way out of his family business, feeling content with his vision. It was the best choice he ever made, irrespective of who approves and who doesn’t!

-Arushi Sharma

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