The Spirit of Christmas


Love is all

She heard a sound
The dawn of another day
‘At last, it’s Christmas!’
‘Let’s go kids, Go out and play!’

White all around, above and beneath.
Ground covered like marinated cheese.
Snowman winked, Larry got a glimpse
Kayla giggled as the dog jumped on Sam,
All seeming pleased.

Bright and gleaming
A chorus dinner,
Feast with the whole family together
Grandpa got cozy in his chair.
It was more than that,
The gifts they exchanged
Bringing delight to all
Was only the love they shared.

He asked him again,
‘What do you want, child?
What is it that you dear?’
Harry thanked Santa for the kind gesture
Pointing towards the family
‘All I want for Christmas is here!’

Right in the middle of our hearts
It is there
What we desire
Love is all we want
Love is all we have.

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