Aura and Colour Healing


auraLife is unimaginable without colours. The nature has showered its bounty with so many colours. Have you ever wondered over the colour combination of flowers and butterflies and more? They are so vibrant and perfect. The moment we leave our normal environment and travel to a new landscape, the first thing we will notice will be differences in the colours and textures.

Colour is synonymous with joy and with life. It also reflects our love for life and is a symbol for our emotions. When we begin to awaken our senses to the beauty, mystery and profound qualities of colour, we become sensitive to it’s healing properties. Colour is light, and light is life.

Modern physics is discovering what many religions and traditional sciences have understood for thousands of years – that everything in the universe is in a sense composed of energy that vibrates at different rates of frequency, so that some of it seems more etheric and some more solid. 

The Kirlian photography has been able to prove the electro-magnetic field that surrounds the body. This is known as the aura or auric field. The electro-magnetic energy system has traditionally been analysed to reveal how colour affects us and we can use to heal. 

Aura and Chakras

The aura consists of seven major chakra. Each of the chakra represents one of the seven layers of the aura known as ‘seven bodies’. Thus chakras are the subtle vortex points or power centres. They are aligned vertically through the centre of the body near the spine. The chakra is a Sanskrit word means ‘wheel of light ‘. Each chakra absorbs vital life force from its own colour or ‘ray’. The seven chakras has colours like – Root chakra (red), Sacral chakra (orange), Solar plexus chakra (yellow), Heart chakra (green), Throat chakra (blue), Brow chakra (indigo) and Crown chakra (violet).

It is said that when there is lack of certain colour energy in the aura, people start getting attracted to that colour, especially if they are more sensitive and intuitive. They listen to the signals of the aura and consciously begin to use colour when they are undergoing deep physical, or psychological changes. We often see people who are going through changes and adjustments in life are actually able to absorb unconsciously the influence of the very colours that they need for the situation and the emotions in question. 

How to Use Colours to Heal

Whatever is the situation, using the specific colour will help and heal.The simple way to add that colour is 

  • Use that colour in form of clothing or placing that colour object in the room. 
  • Using crystals or stones. 
  • Also choosing the food and drinks that has that colour. 

For example, When we need the energy of red we can add strawberries, red apples, beetroot, radish, watermelon in our food to heal and balance. 

How to Heal Chakras Using Colours 

A simple guidance regarding chakras can help you know yourself and also to decide what colour to use to heal and enhance a specific quality or abundance in your personality and life. Let’s look at this briefly.

1.The Root chakra relates to our most basic connection with life and the earth, survival and the most fundamental and primitive form of our life force. To enhance this energy use red colour in different forms. 

2.The Sacral chakra is associated with reproduction, movement, sensuality and vitality. Also feeling of well being, creativity, pleasure and prosperity. To enhance this use orange colour in different forms. 

3.The Solar plexus chakra harness our personal power, self worth and self esteem. This is also related with digestive system and intuitive power. To heal digestive system and enhance these qualities use yellow colour in different ways. 

4.The Heart chakra represents love, friendship, brotherhood and freedom. Use green colour in different ways to enhance all these qualities in your life. 

5.The Throat chakra is the centre of communication and the bridge between the feelings of the heart and the thoughts of the mind. Its associated qualities are the energy of will power, creativity and personal expression. For this use blue colour in different forms. 

6.The Brow chakra stimulates the pituitary gland which regulates vital life functions. This deeply affect our moods and attitudes. It focuses imagination, knowledge, wisdom, discernment and intuition. Use indigo colour to enhance all this. 

7.The Crown chakra stimulates the pineal gland, which regulates our sleep patterns and other aspects of body. This is associated with spirituality. To enhance this use violet colour in different forms. 

Let’s become more aware and sensitive towards the colours around us. Let’s use colours by using our intuition and creativity and attract more energy, positivity and abundance. 

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