New Age Woman!!!

New Age WomanI believe “Woman” has been the most debated topic of every century in every country. The woman of every era has kept the whole humanity curious and interested. Some awakened, but many oppressed to the extent that their cries and woes echo till this day of human life.

There have lived women who created awe and amazement with their ways of life, specially the goddess worshippers, who also created fear which freaked out the logical society which never understood them, leading them to be holed up in their shells again. Their very power became their Weakness. Somehow the ancient women couldn’t strike a balance.

Modern times seem to be promising enough for this womanhood to be awakened to its fullest potential and to fit in a world which could see the woman more than sex dolls or serving mothers. Woman is a bag of mysteries, probably a complicated key to the mysteries of the world. People who do inner work may understand this better. The aspect of feminity in every person, be it a man or woman, the law which says your outer world is a manifestation of the inner world.

The New Age Woman!!

This woman here at this time and space is moving towards fulfillment which I guess is a natural progression from survival to enlightenment. The systems, which were needed for a family to survive in a jungle, have changed and given way to a newer evolution; people have started looking for more to life, beyond the survival instincts. And it depends majorly on the direction this woman -“The New Age Woman” takes!!


Because nothing in this world can replace the roles she has been playing, The mother the wife, the sister the friend, etc. How will the world adapt to this new change, because the new age women is no longer going to be the sacrificial lamb who would put herself last till every body has received their share and then have it.

Paradoxically the pressure of oppression (due to lack of words) is soo much that we are seeing the rebelliousness emerging, its going to be fierce independence, not from anybody out side but from the very nature which has kept her locked in helpless dungeons of her own mind.

Re-writing the Fairy Tales

Here is a short story to share how the consciousness of this brand new woman is shifting; I am awed every-time I read it!!!

“And then the princess found herself locked in a tower surrounded by a stinky moat with crocodiles and a huge scary dragon guarding the door,” read the mother, with her eyes wide and voice deep. Then, she made a sad face and continued softly, “So, the poor princess waited and waited for her prince to come–“

“But, why was she waiting for the prince, mumma?!” asked the little girl, impatiently.

The mother added, “To come and save her, silly.”


“But, mumma, why did she need a prince to save her?” the girl asked again.

“Uhh… hmm…” the mother was at a loss of words.

The little girl said proudly, “If it were me, instead of waiting for years and years for a prince, I would have tamed the dragon and flew out of the window. I would have rescued myself.”

She discarded the book and walked away, “This princess is stupid.”

The mother whispered with a broad smile, “I guess it is time to rewrite the fairy tales.”

The Hymn to Goddess Isis

I would like to close the article with Hymn:

The Hymn to Goddess Isis


For I am the first and the last
I am the venerated and the despised
I am the prostitute and the saint
I am the wife and the virgin
I am the mother and the daughter
I am the arms of my mother
I am barren and my children are many
I am the married woman and the spinster
I am the woman who gives birth and she who never procreated
I am the consolation for the pain of birth
I am the wife and the husband
And it was my man who created me
I am the mother of my father
I am the sister of my husband
And he is my rejected son
Always respect me
For I am the shameful and the magnificent one

~discovered in Nag Hammadi, 1947

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