Myths and Misconceptions Regarding Reiki

Due to lack of awareness, there are many myths and misconceptions regarding Reiki. Many people who want to explore and learn Reiki are unable to because of these. In this blog, I am going to dispel the common misconceptions that people have about this beautiful healing modality.

Misconceptions Regarding ReikiReiki is healing therapy having its origins in Buddhism. This is simple way to experience meditation and spiritual growth.

Reiki was used by Buddhist monks centuries ago. It is an energy healing system, rediscovered by Japanese Master Dr. Mikao Usui in early 20th century and evolved as a result of his research, experience and dedication.

Reiki is also called touch therapy as the Reiki practitioner uses his hands to transfer universal life force to the client by gently putting hands over the client. Reiki (ray — key) is a Japanese word for ‘universal life energy’, also used to describe a system of natural healing. The person who learns Reiki is initiated by a trained master and thus become a Reiki (energy) channel. He is able to channelize universal life force energy (Qi/Chi) through his hands and can heal people /things /situations.

Thus Reiki energy is a subtle energy. It is different than electricity or chemical energy or other kinds of physical energy. Reiki energy comes from the Higher Power which exists on higher dimensions than the physical world we are familiar with.

Due to lack of awareness, there are many misconceptions about Reiki. In India we have different sects and different religions. We follow different Gurus and take initiation (deeksha/naam daan) from them to have spiritual experience or Ascension (Moksh). Here, people follow their Gurus religiously, some times to the extent of blind faith.

I have been practicing and teaching Reiki from more than seventeen years now. Initially, I had to face much criticism than appreciation. As for them the word “Reiki “was alien word never heard before. They were not convinced that there can be such energy healing in which healing is done by laying on hands or even distant healing (when the person receiving healing /energy is not present in person but distant in same city or in different part of the world). They will think I’m talking about some magic or fairy tale or Harry Potter story. They will make fun and think I’m trying to become another God woman like so many already existing. 

When few started coming for receiving healing or learning, they would ask many questions. These are the questions I still face even Now, after much awareness on Internet or social sites. Like,

  • If I learn Reiki do I have change my religion?
  • Do I have to leave my spiritual beliefs, stop practicing those beliefs in order to practice Reiki?
  • Do I have leave my Guru from whom I have already taken initiation (deeksha) and make you my Guru from now onwards?

Common Myths and Misconceptions regarding Reiki

Reiki is a different religion

Although Reiki energy is spiritual in nature, Reiki is not a religion. Those who learn Reiki are free to continue believing anything they choose and encouraged to take their own decisions concerning the nature of their religious practices as well spiritual beliefs. Reiki has no concern with Gurudom. A Reiki master is a teacher and not expected to be treated as Demi God or Guru.

Reiki is like massage therapy

Reiki is not massage therapy. The client is fully clothed. The practitioner lays his /her hands on or near the client’s body. If the client is uncomfortable with the touch, then hands can be placed 3-4 inches above the body. Please note that client is never asked to disrobe. Reiki is done with consent and permission of the client.

Reiki is like black magic or voodoo

Reiki has nothing to do with black magic or voodoo or tantra. I had faced this question many times that do I have the ability to change other person’s mind in favor the person who has asked for healing? Is this Vashikaran (controlling others mind and manipulate)?  Especially girls and ladies come with this expectations to do some voodoo so that their boyfriend /husband be in her favor and control and stay loyal and dedicated towards her. I have told them that, “Yes, Reiki works to heal relationships, but there is no manipulation or control. Rather Reiki works under Divine laws and helps to create harmonious relationship, where there is win-win situation for both of them.”

Most important the thing in Reiki is to heal relationship with self first and others come later. In level one Reiki, one is taught to practice self-love and acceptance and most important, “Gratitude”.

Reiki is just hypnotism

Some people mix Reiki with hypnotism that too in derogatory sense. Hypnotism is very effective therapy now days used worldwide by psychiatrists to heal phobias and other psychological issues that are not able cure with medication only. Nowadays doctors use hypnotherapy along with medical treatment for better results. People have many misconceptions about hypnosis too. Reiki is different from hypnosis and work differently.

Reiki means extracting information (Recce)

Another big misconception regarding Reiki is when people hear the word “recce”(re’ki), in news, having same pronunciation but altogether different concept and meaning. Every time there is some terrorist attack, and it is told in news that the terrorist did “reiki ” of that area many times, extract whole information before attack and killing many people. Especially in Hindi newspaper the spelling of the word Reiki /Recce (रेकी) remains same as well as the pronunciation.

I would receive calls that the terrorist also practice Reiki and do such inhumane acts. I have to explain them again and again. I must clarify that when you hear it then you should understand that this re’ki is not Reiki but it is “Recce “which is short form of “Reconnaissance “which means — investigate, inspection, exploration or surveyed. This is a military term used for process of getting information about enemy forces or positions by sending out small groups of soldiers or by using aircraft etc. This is also done by terrorists groups.

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The word Recce also has been borrowed by media production in United Kingdom and New Zealand for filmmaking. The term “recce ” is also used in radio and television production. So Reiki /Recce are two words with same pronunciation but altogether different meaning. For example deer/dear.

To conclude we should research before misunderstanding and judging in derogatory way. If you search on Internet you will find praise as well as criticism. Some called Reiki as pseudo science or temporary psychological effects or placebo effect. Reiki is none of these. In fact the effects of Reiki are proved through Kirlian photography.

Reiki is not something to discuss or debate on theoretical basis. Rather Reiki is a spiritual energy to practice and experience that is personal and subjective. Reiki is a practical subject to be explored and experienced first before making any judgment.

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