The 6 Different Types of Spiritual Healing and How They Work


Spiritual healing, also known as “psychic healing”, has been passed down from generation to generation and is one of the purest forms of healing.  Here’s a look at what spiritual healing offers, what it is, and the six different types of spiritual healing.

What Is Spiritual Healing?

The human body is a vessel for the spirit and it’s the “spirit” that’s able to display signs of healing. This can come out in various forms and is a natural healing process that can be instigated through something as simple as a touch.

For example:

  • Mother’s Caressing Her Child
  • Holding a Patient’s Hand
  • Giving a Hug to Comfort Someone

Six Types of Psychic Healing

1) Magnetic Healing

In general, magnetic healing refers to a “transfer” of energy that goes from one person to another. For example, this can be seen as a person sits beside someone that is ill and their energy goes into the person as a healing solution.

Of course, this is a trade-off and the person that is vibrant will also notice a shift in their energy levels. They will notice it being transferred and that’s something to keep note of when it comes to children and the elderly.

Magnetic healing is not always on purpose and can happen just by being in the presence of someone that’s depleted.

2) Trance Healing

The premise behind this form of psychic healing is to go into a trance and then conduct the healing. Compared to magnetic hearing, this is more purposeful and the parties will know what’s going on as soon as it begins.

The best option for trance healing is to make sure it’s done in a large room for maximum effect. This can also make use of a healing guide that is going to process the healing and will be able to act as a mentor during the various stages. When done right, this can offer the right kind of healing for long-term results.

3) Absent Healing

This type of spiritual healing refers to a conscious effort to heal without being in the presence of that individual.

A good example of absent healing would be meditation and/or prayer as the healing is conducted. It doesn’t require any form of contact and can be done from anywhere. This is done with the help of a spirit guide in most cases as they are able to act as a form of intervention during the process.

The energies are passed from one person to the other while remaining absent and it can be seen in various situations (i.e. church).

4) Contact Healing

Contact healing is straightforward and involves a physical touch between both parties.

Please note, contact healing doesn’t mean having overboard contact that is unnecessary and unhelpful in most cases. All it takes is a simple touch and that will be more than enough to complete the healing efficiently.

All it requires is the right placement of one’s hands and the rest is done with the help of your healing energies. This can make sure the person feels good about his/her health as the healing is conducted. The healing guides are able to take care of the energies and make sure the depleted individual feels better.

5) Near to the Body Healing

This type of psychic healing comes in the form of near to the body healing.   

The idea of this spiritual healing is to be close to the body without making contact. In general, a person is going to be at least 2-4″ away from the person while passing on their healing energies. This is done with the use of a person’s aura as the healing takes place.

6) Distant Healing 

This is not the same as absent healing but follows a similar concept.

In this case, the healer will be in the same room as the other person but not in contact. In essence, their healing energies will be in the room but physical contact is not going to be of importance. This has more to do with the depleted individual as he/she may not want someone to be around them physically.

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