NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) – The Key to the Magical Mind

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) The Key to the Magical MindWho am I? … Why do I feel they way I do? The key to the answers lies in the so called elusive mysterious magical MIND! Yet is it so mysterious?

In today’s zip-zap-zoom life most of mind’s orchestrations go by unnoticed. I can feel a connection… I think ‘am right… I shall do what I want… That ‘I’ is the mind speaking.

We know this – but how aware are we of the mind and its processes? What makes us happy, what makes us sad, what makes us anxious, what makes us satisfied… it is all in the mind!



Does it matter? It doesn’t yet. How we do what we do can help if only we bothered to become aware.

We feel elated… we just enjoy the moment – we do not bother to analyze the series of thoughts that went through our mind that resulted in the feeling of elation.

We are feeling depressed… we just want to get OUT of it … we have no time or inclination to figure out how we reached that point.

Everything we do or do not do stems from the thoughts in the inner recesses of our mind – some conscious, some sub conscious… and if and when we are AWARE of these functioning-s of the mind – we are able to manage it better and therefore even manage or change the consequence/outcome.

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) takes us on a journey that enables us to discover, define and empower the “I”.

We take in the world around us through our senses. Our sensory perception is selective. We are consciously aware of certain elements around us, while we do not observe or choose to disregard many obvious elements. 

You come up on an accident. You see it on the news later in the day. And for sure, you will be surprised at things you didn’t notice or things you were sure about but are not in the news. This is the mind’s reality versus the actuality out there!!

NLP makes us aware of both. And helps us achieve harmony within and around; through self awareness that leads to understanding and acceptance, based on respect.

NLP is the abracadabra we can apply on ourselves to change our state of mind with a click of a finger! Remember life’s little anchors – that change you from down under to on top of the world!

Alone and apprehensive, I wait for my flight. My first job, my first time away from home! I feel around my purse for the silver coin. I remember the pride in my mother’s face and the warmth in her hug as she gave it to me for good luck!

Life – I Am Ready!

Waiting my turn at the audition with trepidation, I recollect the time I sang “My Heart Will Go On” while preparing dinner. As I turned to set the table, my family burst into loud cheers and claps!

Celine Dion Move Over – Here I Come!

Listen to your mind. Tune your mind. Your mind is the first friend and the only friend who matches every step you take. Turning our mind into a resourceful power-house that propels us to achievement and happiness is what NLP in our daily lives makes possible.

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