The 4 Key Laws to Manifest Desires

The 4 Key Laws to Manifest DesiresEvery individual has a state of consciousness, which acts as the perfect tool to implement law of attraction and manifest desires. Universe has created many systems to manifest a person’s deepest desires. 

The universe that we live in contains infinite possibilities, creativity, knowledge, and life. In order to bring life into a state of peace, there are universal laws. The greatest universal law is the law of attraction.

Desire cannot simply take birth. It takes the right mind and the right frame to manifest it. It comes with passion as highest intelligence and awareness stands guard to its birth. The mind has a certain state where the mind moves and desire takes shape.

Events happen because they are attracted and manifested to happen, whether willingly or unwillingly. It happens with a single thought. Thoughts are frequencies, which when projected to the universe create amplified results. Such frequencies can be negative or positive and so is the fruit. This is the crux of the law of attraction.

As Buddha said,

“What we think, we become”.

The four basic laws to manifest desires are:

1. The Law of Attraction

The law of attraction is the process of how your thoughts attract positive and negative events in your life. If you think positively, you will attract positivity in your life.

Everything in the universe is ‘energy’ manifested into either a physical form or a non-physical form. The positive energy that you will experience can be manifested into a positive physical form. Also, if you think of positive experiences for someone else, the positivity will find its way back to you. The law of attraction is mainly structured on the 4 principles, that is,

  • Think,
  • Feel,
  • Believe and
  • Gratitude

This law is based on the idea that like energy will attract like energy. It can be used to manifest love, fame or money.

2. The Law of Intention

The law of intention helps to manifest thoughts that have a purposeful meaning and strong intention. The thoughts can be aided with visualization or through added emotion and can be in words or in actions. It basically helps thoughts to manifest through actions. However, most of us have many thoughts going on in one time. In order to manifest a certain thought, one must be focused and determined to the thought. If we use the law of attraction and the law of intention in a positive constructive way, we can manifest positivity in this world and make it a better place to live in.

3. The Law of Allowance

The law of allowance encloses a greater paradigm as it involves manifesting desires through thoughts, words, and deeds. It is basically to hold the thought with emotion and belief thereby, increasing the pace of the manifestation. The Law of allowance is the next step to the law of attraction and the law of intention and requires deep understanding of both to reach to the law of allowance. Using law of allowance to allow us to take actions that support our desires is one of the key ways to manifest our desires and dreams.

4. The Law of Balance

The fourth law is the law of balance. As the universe is in balance, every natural thing ought to move to its equilibrium. One must look into oneself and look to the point of stability of self. The law of balance is obtained when the interaction between the first, second and third law is successfully obtained in order to reach to a balance. Our body is also a system of the universe and needs to be balanced as all the systems in the universe are in balance. The collective consciousness of the universe and the Earth’s consciousness is made up of a collection of individual consciousness. Every individual plays a key role to bring the collective consciousness in balance. The collective consciousness is a strong force and attracts events to that area or a person on a larger scale. Abraham Hicks said,

“The greatest part of us is non-physical”

These four basic laws of attraction are constantly working together to manifest desires if a person is aware or not. You might reach to the state by meditation and visioning exercises. Everything that is to be manifested first happens in the etheric realm.

The crux of the laws is that you need to act and believe as if it has already manifested. It is said that over 90% of the manifestation process has been completed by the time you get your vibration activated. It is when you vibrate to a similar frequency you attract that very thing on the similar frequency. When you have set your intention, believed and grateful for the desire, you are actually manifesting it and it won’t be long until your dream comes true. Using these laws and collective consciousness we can help the world be a better and a happier place to live in, not only for us but also for the people around us.

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