Simple Ways to Heal your Mind and Body II – Aura

aura-and-chakrasIn the Part I of Simple Ways to Heal…, we learnt about Grounding as an excellent way to calm down and be in the present. It was a sort of preparation for deeper healing. Hope you had a great time practicing the technique. In this issue, I will talk about your Aura which is your natural protection shield and aids in deeper healing as well.

What is Aura?

Aura is an electromagnetic force field around you. In layman terms, an Aura is more like a boundary around you which is your personal space. For example, even if you are sitting with your eyes closed, you would still come to know when someone sits or stands very near you. This happens because that person has entered your aura and hence his/her presence becomes known to you.

Uses of Aura

Set your boundaries
In relationships (personal or professional), we often hear the advice – “Set your boundaries” or “Draw your limits”. Yet the procedure for setting boundaries is not known and usually ineffective. When people do not have reasonable boundaries, their inner lives are usually a jumble of unmet needs and unrealized dreams, while their outer lives are filled with overwork or desperately important social causes. Because they do not know where they begin and end, these people tend to take responsibilities for almost anything, from their friend’s emotional states to the state of the environment. People in abusive relationships are often the ones without healthy boundaries.

People without boundaries use weight to create boundaries; too much weight to take up more space and protect themselves or too little weight so they can prove their self-control and disappear into nothingness. Individuals with a strong sense of personal territory do not look for self-worth in the ability to do their work perfectly or helping others unasked.
You have a God-given boundary system already in place- aura. If you have ever felt, but not seen, someone looking at you, or coming up behind you, then you have had a physical experience of your aura’s energy boundary. With a little bit of practice and attention, your aura can also help you to be aware of your emotional and spiritual state. Getting reacquainted with your aura will place you back inside your life, which is where the centre of healing, truth, spirituality and your connection to God dwell.

A strong aura is an efficient protection system against infections, negativity and psychic attacks. If you feel overwhelmed talking to emotionally negative people or are sort of agony aunts for others, then a strong aura will protect you from their negative emotions and bad moods from affecting you. Also, when people around you are jealous or have negative intentions, they may unknowingly send you negativity in the form of psychic daggers or knives which can cause physical or mental trauma. A strong aura is your best protection in such cases.

Define your Aura

Envision a large egg shaped bubble completely surrounding you (from top to bottom, and all the four sides). Light the edges of this bubble with a very bright neon colour of your choice. The distance of the lit-up edges of the bubble and your body should be approximately your arm’s length.

Envision your grounding cord which you had created. It intersects your aura bubble at arm’s length. Change the colour of your grounding cord so that it matches your aura bubble.
You just defined your aura. Is it getting bulgy or changing colours? Is it pulling itself closer to you or disappearing in spots? Do

you see any holes or tears in it? Are parts of your body feeling uncomfortable? If so, you are receiving communications from your aura. If you perceive no changes, your aura wants to be in the present moment with you right now.

Cleansing your Aura

Sit in a straight-backed chair with your feet flat on the floor, arms uncrossed and your hands upturned comfortably on your knees. Create your grounding cord and light up your aura bubble. Allow the energy stuck in your aura to flow down and out of the grounding cord. You may feel globs of stress coming away from your head, shoulders or stomach; you may even see people or events leaving your aura. Whatever happens, keep the process going.

When you feel cleansed or comfortable, thank your grounding cord and drop it down in the earth and away from you. You can visualize cutting it with scissors and letting it drop or you can imagine it getting disconnected from your body and aura.

Create another grounding cord matching the colour of your aura bubble. After the process, get up and move around. Your aura should move easily with you and maintain itself whether you bend, jump or sit. If it doesn’t, sit down, ground yourself and change or intensify the colour of your aura boundary.

It will take a minimum of 3 such aura cleansings to completely renew your aura the first time. With practice, the whole process takes about 30 seconds to complete.

Things to Remember

The energy you store inside your body has to do with your feelings and ideas about yourself. Being able to ground, examine and renew this interior energy helps you redefine your self-view.

The energy you store inside your aura has to do with your feelings about your place in the exterior world and how others see you. If you communicate with your aura, you can see how you act and react in the world around you. When your body and aura rid themselves of messages, attitudes, ideas and memories that do not serve you, both will begin to heal.

Your aura has always been present, even if it has been ignored totally. What you are doing here is getting re-acquainted with yourself and your aura.

Aura Colours

Below are some general ideas about aura colours. However, your own interpretations about the meaning of colours are the correct ones. Believe in yourself…

Pink: Joyful, protection from abuse, indecision
Red: power, anger, passions
Orange: sensuality, healing
Yellow: wisdom, immunity, protection, impatience, fear
Green: love, growth, transformation, healing, frustration
Blue: spiritual knowledge, mourning, separation
Purple/Indigo: spiritual power, telepathy, victimization
Violet: release, spiritual wisdom
Brown: groundedness, past-time issues
Black: finality, rebirth, delay, negativity, darkness before the sunrise
White: purity, shock, presence of spiritual guides
Silver: spirit world information, ungroundedness, uncertainty
Gold: healing, transformative illness

This description is only one of the possible meanings. Once again I would like to assert, whatever meaning you associate with the colours is the correct explanation. Trust yourself as that trust holds the greatest healing power in the universe.

Aura Size

Too Small
It indicates a reaction to an unsupportive, even life-threatening environment. It can mean that you do not have personal space and freedom you require for your growth and evolution. Defining your aura in this case becomes even more necessary.

Too Large
A large aura boundary is a sign of bored or unused creative energy which is being ignored. People with huge auras are not following their soul’s purpose and wasting time and energy in unfruitful pursuits. Believe me, you don’t want to waste this beautiful life doing nothing purposeful. Channel your energies in fruitful ways. If you are not sure about your life-path, all you have to do is ask your guardian angels and have faith that they will show you the path.

Aura Shape

The Front
A person with very large front section of the aura indicates that the person puts in a lot of energy into the future, into plans, schemes or dreams. He/she is not in the present and has ignored the lessons from the past.
The Back
Large back section of the aura indicates past trauma or issues which are still unresolved and affect your life even today.
The Left Side
The left side in our bodies is the feminine energies of nurturing, intuition and receptivity. A huge left side in the aura implies a dependency on receptivity and a very small left side implies an unwillingness to listen and receive.
The Right Side
The right side signifies the masculine energy of focus, will and action. A huge right side implies dependency on expression and a cramped right side implies an unwillingness to act, speak or express.
Being healed means being whole. Ground yourself and have a healthy aura. It can keep many physical and emotional dis-eases at bay.

Love and Light!!
Meetu Sehgal

Meetu Sehgal, Personal Transformation Coach, EFT Trainer, NLP Practitioner, Tarot Reader and Holistic Healer, is Masters is Psychology and MBA graduate from SRCC, Delhi University. Through her training and coaching sessions, she has been passionately working with individuals helping them resolve health, wealth and relationship challenges. You can reach her at or

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