Message for the 8th Day of Navratri – 6th October 2019

Ishtar – Boundaries

We are almost approaching the end of Navratris and it has been a very transformational journey. Today’s message for the Goddess oracle is by Ishtar Goddess who is asking you to set and assert your boundaries firmly.

Often we associate boundaries with pushing people away or creating walls. But the purpose of boundaries is not to push people away but to create healthier relationships. Boundaries means what’s acceptable to you and what is not okay for you. 

Most of the times we assume or expect people to know how to behave with us but until we don’t tell them or show them what are our boundaries, they are likely to cross them at some point. This can create resentfulness and conflict within yourself. You will either react or keep your reaction to yourself creating passive reactions. Both these approaches can really harm your relationship with your loved ones especially.

So be wise and define your boundaries. Be very clear about letting others know about them also. It’s not offensive, rather its a better foundation for your relationships. Remember, if someone is offended by your boundaries, give them time. If they still get offended every time you assert it, then maybe they haven’t been and in all likelihood, will not respect your boundaries and space ever. It’s better to let these people go. 

Whenever you define your boundaries, you create space for yourself to breathe, grow and have healthy relationships. 

With Grace and Light
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