Message for the 9th Day of Navratri – 7th October 2019

Goddess Maeve – Cycles and Rhythms

When we talk of cycles and rhythms, we are not necessarily talking about external time. We are talking about internal clocks. Just as life goes through cycles of up and down, so does our body.

There are times when the energy levels are high and at times they are low. Learn to honour these cycles and phases and flow with them instead of resisting them. 

When the energy tide is high, use that time to take actions in the external world, execute your plans, meet people, socialise, spend time doing something active. 

When the energy tide is low, use that time for quiet contemplation, meditation, planning, day dreaming and doing internal work whether its healing, awareness or prayers. 

The Chinese call the the concept of Yin and Yang. Yin energy is the feminine energy (not the female energy). It is associated with night, period of rest and meditation. Yang energy is the masculine energy which is associated with action and work. 

Honour these cycles by flowing with the energy of the body. If you try to push yourself when the energy is at the low phase or low tide or vice versa when you try to meditate or plan when the energy is at high tide, you create resistance in the body and energy field. This creates blocks, problems and frustration. 

When women go through their menses, that is the time of feminine or yin energy cycle. Use that time to rest, meditate and do inner work. Even men go through the Yin energy phases. 

Learn to recognise your energy cycle and flow with it. Life is easy, keep it simple. 

with Grace and Light

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