How Does Astrology Work?

How does astrology workYesterday, a friend and I were discussing how the planets could affect everyone.  In a playful mood, I said, (like your mom would say), “Because they CAN, that’s why.” And we laughed.

But the discussion must have haunted my deeper self, because I woke in the middle of the night with these words running through my head.

Science, particularly quantum science, has determined what meta physics have  maintained for years, That EVERYTHING is composed , ultimately of vibrations.  These vibrations occur at such a deep level that what we ‘see’ appears and is, to all intents and purposes, solid and in some cases, impenetrable. But at the most basic level of existence that science has uncovered is that everything is literally composed of waves that are measured by their vibrations.

But we live in a world where we think ‘seeing is believing’.

Whereas in truth, we can’t always believe what we see.  Life teaches us that, in various ways in childhood, like a magician, in younger years, shows us things coming out of and into the air. Later the apparently happy young soul destroys itself. A tumor appears and disappears or doesn’t, a job disappears, a marriage ends. So does a life and what was seemingly solid is has suddenly vanished into the river of time. What appears good can hide evils and the appearance of evil can hide goodness in truth.

So, just by living in this ‘oh, this too, too solid’ world we learn that we actually live in shifting world that is subject to both minute and profound changes.  These changes can be brought on by the slightest jarring of a ‘solid’ (car accident tor natural disaster) or energetic push (the emotional feeling that drives people apart or together).  

SO, how can the planet’s energetic field affect us?

The question of planetary effect on us on earth is merely a different degree of vibration. If we envision the universe as a great sea or a river, the planets then are like great waves of energy that affect all the other molecules in all the other waves of the sea.  The waves of the real sea impact fish, plant life, commerce.

Most of the time the shift of the sea is fairly predictable, with climate and streams of energy like the Gulf Stream following a predictable path.  

Tsunamis. hurricanes, all happen as part of this energy that is in the sea

Recently, in Japan, they rediscovered large stone markers in the coastal towns around where this tsunami hit.  They all said, Do not build your houses below this line. The villages that had respected that centuries old warning survived. Those who ignored it and let the town /village/home sprawl below the line did not. But as verified by these stones, energies are predictable and are not. As the saga of Beowulf says, “His future was certain but unknown.”

The prediction was there.  The time and date were not!

Energies appear to happen to us when really they are happening with us, as a large planet like Jupiter shifts places in a galactic sea and or Pluto to send a crash through the sky, like part of an iceberg during an arctic melt down.  “The ancients believed that the chart (astrological) held the key to lead you to infinite destinies” quoting western astrologer Jonathan Cainer in a recent blog post. Where the stars have moved and the results on earth have been charted for thousand and thousands of years.  It is up to us to read and respect the markers.

Like navigators familiar with the twist and turns of a shoal or bay caused by the underlying sea floor, astrologers under stand the twists and swells of the universal sea energy.  But we are the sailors who must navigates these energies and realize that we are with them and part of them in some say, in a very direct way.

The latest discoveries in interplanetary geology made possible by the space program tell us that the chemicals that made life possible were ‘planted’ here by planetary debris. So that at the level of quantum life we are vibrating at the same level as every thing around and above us.

We say it all the time without realizing its true impact “We are all one”.

My husband is research scientist working on the electrical impulses that run the heart and its corrolaries. He can theorize and have his theories verified by real experience (experiments).  But it doesn’t always come out the way he theorized and he has to rethink his approach.

If this element of uncertainty plagues the scientist working with object he can see and touch, is it any wonder that the energies of the universe plagues the astrologer and metaphysicist?

So to end ‘ part one’ of this subject I share with a personal experience that changed my life.  When I was young, gifted and silly, I thought it would be a great trick to ‘astro-project’. That is a phenomenon where the person experiences the sensation of leaving his body and traveling through the air.  I had received an astral visit as a teen, and it intrigued me.

One night when my roommate brother was out, I achieved. First I was aware that my bedroom door was open (when I knew it was closed. Then I experienced a sense of nakedness, when I knew I was dressed and thought  ‘Oh! No   x is coming home’ and then I realized I was up against the ceiling and through down a main thorough fare and up in the sky until I was in a place with deep,warm blue and I heard the’music that some cultures believe you hear when you die. An incredible sound (More on that later)

But I realized that I had gone all the way up to find that I was sure I was in some deep part of myself.  And the universe, the music and I were all one.

(To be continued…)

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