Health Benefits of a Boiled Egg Diet

Health Benefits of a Boiled Egg DietMany people all over the world are focusing on living a healthy lifestyle. This is mainly due to a rapid increase in lifestyle related diseases such as diabetes, cardiac arrest and obesity. Nutritionists often advise patients to take boiled eggs instead of fried or scrambled eggs. This is because boiled eggs have a low salt and fat content.

Boiled Egg Diet Recipe

The preparation of a boiled egg diet comprises of a simple recipe.

  • Place several eggs inside a cooking pot and add water until it fully covers the eggs.
  • Place the cooking pot on a gas cooker or a stove and turn it on.
  • Let the eggs boil for about 7 minutes then switch off the cooker.
  • Pour cold water into a bowl and then transfer the boiled eggs from the cooking pot to the bowl.
  • After few minutes, you can eat the eggs

The number of eggs to be prepared depends on the number of people who will take the boiled egg diet.

Health Benefits of a Boiled Egg Diet

According to, there are several benefits one gets from taking a boiled egg diet. They include:

1. High protein and low-calorie content

Boiled eggs have low calories. They are also rich in protein. However, they should be taken in limited quantities. The yolk has substantial cholesterol which could cause health complications to obese people if taken in large quantities. One should take only two boiled eggs in a day.

2. It provides adequate protein supply

One egg contains six grams of protein. It also has several essential amino acids which are necessary for daily body functions. These protein and amino acids are easily absorbed in the body. Two boiled eggs provide the body with twenty-four percent of the daily protein intake it requires.

3. High choline supply

Boiled eggs are rich in choline. This is a nutrient which helps in controlling our cardiovascular, neurological and vascular systems. One egg yolk contains 290 micrograms of choline.

4. It promotes growth of nails and hair

Boiled eggs are rich in Sulphur and vitamin B12 which promote healthy growth of nails and hair.

5. High Vitamin D content

Scientists have discovered that boiled eggs are rich in vitamin D. Its deficiency causes rickets and ostoemalacia.

Rickets is a disease which mostly affects children. It is the growth of weak, soft and deformed bones which results to a child having bow-shaped legs. Such children often have low fat absorption levels.

Osteomalacia is a disease which is common in adults. It is characterized by bow-shaped legs, a bent spine, weak muscles and fragile bones that can break easily. It hinders adequate absorption of calcium in the body.

6. Boiled eggs reduce macular degeneration

Eggs are rich in carotenoids which help in proper development of the macula in the retina. Deficiency in carotenoids causes the macula to degenerate. This is a condition which is common in old people. It causes blurred vision.

We should all take a boiled egg diet once in a while. This will help in promoting good health.

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