A Very Real Spirituality

A Very Real SpiritualityI used to never like being at home much. I would always be seeking for a new high, new opportunities, higher excitement, and newer groups. Always thrill seeking, nothing was ever enough.

These days however just being at home, having a chat with mum, laughing with my brother, getting a drink with a friend, getting a hug from a beloved one, doing some interesting, constructive work. It all seems overwhelmingly Enough!!

I guess this signifies the authentic spiritual journey too in some sense. To remain at your own home, in your own heart and close.. Close to your own two feet.

It’s so important on this journey to find freedom and love for ourselves. Yes! but to find freedom in and around you, close to you is another soft movement of Grace… In your friends, in the movies you’ve loved the work you do, the music you’ve been drawn to, the warmth of your family which we otherwise disregard as dysfunctional. , Because to do so is to acknowledge how the Spirit of Life has always held you, Always. And has never made a mistake and embraced one just the way we are. And this perhaps is the greatest acknowledgement we come to make.

wherever they may be on their own path. A spirituality which has made its home in the day to day vagaries of the world without making a big deal of things, states, idols and one which sees the world as its own expression and heart.

To be an ordinary ark, a simple boat that can flow through life and carry as many along on this journey, we must be willing to be simple inside of ourselves.  And that includes deeply accepting and making peace with all those parts of ourselves that we don’t quite like or are in rebellion against, embracing it all within our own heart.

Sometimes a poem is able to capture that which we aren’t able to put into words. So maybe a poem to the realm of Being where words are designed to fail. We’re going to be okay, you know that right? You and I.. We’re going to be okay.

Be an ordinary Ark my Friend!
A call from an aching heart to another
A poem from a tender sensitized heart to another!
Be an ordinary ark My friend!

Your presence here is the Extraordinary my beloved.
Energies from far and wide have heard of your love
They come in pairs (The interrelated play of duality)
The energies of good, bad, anger and calm, beauty and ugliness

Everywhere they’ve been condemned, rejected, thwarted
They all want to be held, tenderly and reinstated to the vastness that they are.
You’re their final hope; they’ve come to find their home.
Can you hold all of them quietly? In Utter Stillness

Be the Vastness and the largeness that you are!
And love everything as your own heart
In this nitty gritty human existence, just be simply Human
And see all that it contains.

Don’t turn away my friend.
Let’s ache together,
Let’s be lost together!
Be an ordinary Ark My friend!

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