Healing Power of Water

Healing power of waterWater has wonderful healing powers and heals the human body in a miraculous manner. Many of us know it but in daily practice, we forget this bliss of nature.

We drink water when we feel thirsty. We generally fail to understand the body signals regarding the deficiency of water in our body. A glass of cold water lowers the body temperature and helps to maintain the blood consistency and keep our skin glowing; a glass of hot water relieves pain. Half cup of hot water after meals makes the digestive system more efficient.


Always drink pure water-soft water. Impure water leads to many water –borne diseases.

Water regulates the functions of the body, by regulating the minerals and vitamins in the body. It generates energy. A glass of pure water will energize and hydrate the body adequately.

We can understand the role of water in the functioning of our body with the example –Water helps the seeds to grow as plants and further helps them to grow.

Water helps the functions of proteins and enzymes. 

It helps to remove toxins from the body. 

Water helps to cure many diseases—Dehydration, Dyspepsia, Joint pains, Stress and Depression, High blood cholesterol, Obesity, Constipation and many more.

The body loses 4 litres of water every day, so one must compensate this loss by drinking at least 6 litres of water daily. Most of us prefer to drink soft drinks in place of water. Remember, there is no substitute for water. Inadequate amount of water in the body may lead to dehydration, especially during summers.

A sudden start of large quantity of water may harm the body because the body is not used to absorbing so much of water. Slowly and gradually we can increase the intake of water. The best way is to drink 1-2 glasses of lukewarm water just after waking up in the morning. One can increase the quantity as per the body needs. The instant result/benefit is the freedom from constipation.

Then one can always make a pattern of water intake as per the body requirements. We can have a glass of water after every 2 hours or as advised by the doctor. The frequency of urination will increase thus removing toxins and infections from the body.


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