Everything You Should Know about Mangal Dosha

Everything you should know about Mangal doshaMangal Dosha is one of the most commonly found doshas in anyone’s kundali these days. We have seen that every third or fourth person is Manglik. Do you know what is it? If no, let us give you the answer of this first. According to Vedic Astrology, 5 planets are considered to be very cruel as they have worse effects on people which they control. These planets are Sun, Ketu, Saturn, Rahu and Mars. It is believed that Mars is one of the planets that have very negative impact on the horoscope of the person. In case it is in adverse position then it will have unhealthy impact on person’s married life.

It is said that Mangal Dosha is formed when Mars is located in the first, second, fourth, seventh, eighth or the twelfth house in the Kundli. Mangal Dosha must be checked in Lagna Chart, Moon Chart, and Venus Chart. A person having the influence of this Dosha is called as Manglik. You can contact the best astrologer for an effective solution or nivaran of Mangal Dosha   

How Manglik Dosha can be determined

  • Any person of any caste or gender can be Manglik.
  • Mars is a symbol of self esteem, energy, ego and respect. So, the person will be surely short tempered and will face difficulty in adapting with their partners.
  • Manglik people possess great energy like fire. It must be utilize in the right direction or else it might lead to destruction.
  • Mangal Dosha leads to financial loss and also affects marital joy and mental state. 
  • Person born on Tuesday are sufferers of this dosha.
  • Two Manglik people married to each other abolish each other’s effects.

How Mangal Dosha will affect

  • When Mars is situated in the first house, it will affect the married life negatively resulting into stress in fact divorce also.
  • When Mars is situated in the second house the family life is affected. It can also create obstacles in professional or married life.
  • When Mars is situated in the fourth house, person will suffer financial loss and will also not have stability in job or career.
  • When Mars is situated in the seventh house, person can be short tempered or dominating in nature and will not b able to maintain healthy relations with loved ones.
  • When Mars is situated in the eighth house, the person will not get support of his elder and will be lazy.
  • When Mars is situated in the twelfth house, the person may suffer from mental problems and financial losses. 

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Astrological Remedies for Mangal Dosha

  • To remove the impact of Manglik, two mangliks must marry each other.
  • Chanting the Hanuman Chalisa and Navagraha mantra is also useful.
  • Kumbh Vivah is one of the most known and useful remedies of Mangal Dosha. Manglik person should marry a tree or an urn to nullify the effects of the Dosha.
  • The Dosha is reduced with age. So, Manglik person should get married after the age of 28.
  • Manglik person should keep fast on Tuesday and should eat only Toor Daal.
  • Manglik person should also worship and visit Hanuman temple on Tuesday to reduce the effect of Mangal dosha.
  • Foods made of wheat bread or red lentil daal, silk, knives or swords and red stones such as corals please Mars and should donate on Tuesday.
  • Provide sweets or grains jaggery and red flowers to Lord Ganesha everyday.
  • Feed sweets to small animals or birds.
  • Chant Sundar Kand from the Tulsi Ramcharitmanas for 40 days regularly. 
  • Chanting Mahamrityunjaya mantra is also useful.

Mangal Dosha can be cured with above remedies. You need not be afraid of it. Proper remedies will give you the effective results. You can also consult the best astrologer in India who is having great knowledge of all kind of Mantras. Contact him now to get effective and immediate results and lead a peaceful and happy married life.

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