Effect of Jupiter’s Transit on Moon Signs for 2017-18


Jupiter is the most influential planet in astrology. If Jupiter is well placed, the native will gain strong position in financial and career front. Jupiter bestows native with good fortune, essence of knowledge, marriage, children, political power, and an all-round prosperity.

Jupiter has transited from Virgo to Libra on September 12th 2017 and will stay there until October 11th 2018. Jupiter will be in retrograde motion from March 9th 2018 for four months. Effects of transit of Jupiter are not always the same throughout transit. If Jupiter is well placed in a house by sign or its degrees, it helps the natives to rise to great heights.

Result of transit of Jupiter in Libra 2017 for various moon signs as follows-                                

1. Aries moon sign– Auspicious transit for Aries born individuals. Good financial and professional changes may be predicted. It seems like a good period for love relationships or for fixing a marriage. Married life will be peaceful and harmonious. Unemployed natives may get jobs.   

2. Taurus moon sign– Jupiter will transit in sixth house from your birth moon sign or ascendant. The native will be successful in undertakings. Change in profession or business can happen with positive changes. Debts will start clearing due to Jupiter’s transit in sixth house. This is not a good transit for love relationships or marriage as it indicates delay or problems. Mental stress maybe there. Hot discussion should be avoided with family members. Health issues might occur.       

3. Gemini moon sign– The natives may receive favours from bosses, association with repute

d people, gain and success in undertakings, all-round prosperity, success in education, purchase of luxury items, and the unemployed ones will be able to get jobs. Relationships with your progeny will improve. Favourable transit for love relationship and married life. This transit is the most favourable for those who want to get married.                                 

4. Cancer moon sign– In this transit, you will achieve good results for your efforts and hard work. It will bring good luck to you in case you want to change your job or area of work. Students will do well in their education. Chances of purchasing a new luxury car house or property are there. Taking good care of your mother’s health is advised.                                                 

5. Leo moon sign– In this transit, Leo native will be more courageous, having a strong will power and their confidence level will be high. Relations with siblings will also improve.  Increase in expenses may be there. Love life and married life will improve. Some may get new marriage proposals, in case they have been waiting for a long time.  Taking care of your health is a must.                                       

6. Virgo moon sign– Your income will increase. There may be some auspicious ceremony at home. This transit is financially beneficial. For those who want to get married, this is a suitable transit.

7. Libra moon sign– You will be able to achieve success due to your strong will power, hard work and firm determination. In this transit, you have to work hard. Your financial status and reputation will be enhanced. There may be changes of house or place of work.  Your family life will be more peaceful. It is a good time for marriage. You will have a marital bliss. Your desires will be fulfilled.                                            

8. Scorpio moon sign– Maintain your finances carefully. This Jupiter transit is not favourable for those who want to get married. There may be a delay in decision-making. You may face financial problems and will be confused between right and wrong action. Try to maintain good relations with everyone, including your superiors and colleagues.  There are chances of going for long distance journeys.           

9. Sagittarius moon sign– Jupiter transit is favourable for Sagittarius moon birth sign. There may be an increase in income and status. Promotion, gain of a property or purchase of any vehicle, and success in education are some of the possibilities during this period. Income will increase through your efforts and hard work. You may be involved in religious activities. Students will do well in studies. It seems like a favourable time to get married. There may be a child-birth.   

10. Capricorn moon sign– Although you will do well at the work front but possibility of problems from your seniors may be experienced. Marriage can be finalized or you may be blessed with the birth of child. You will have better prospects for a job. Indications of sudden transfer or promotion are there. Your way of working will change and there is a possibility of increase in income from different sources.                                             

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11. Aquarius moon sign– There are chances of increase in financial status. Education related good changes are indicated. Success in competitive examinations are indicated. You may go to abroad for higher studies or a job. You may purchase a house. You will get involved in religious activities due to the Jupiter’s transit in ninth house. You will get success in undertakings. Your status will be enhanced. An increase in income and financial gains are predicted through business. This is one of the best periods for love relationship or marriage. There are indications of birth of a child or a grandchild. Try to take all important decisions at the right time.                                                   

12. Pisces moon sign– You need to take more precautions about your financial matters before making big investments or starting a new venture. Maintaining good relations with family members and colleagues at work is advised. You need to work hard during this transit. You might achieve success, although it may be delayed.  Transfer to a distant place or a change in job is indicated. It is not a good period for Love relationships or marriage but if your Mahadasha and Antardasha are favourable during this transit all the matters will be properly managed. 

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