The Alchemy of Love


The Alchemy of Love

I once heard spiritual teacher Thich nhat hanh said that the greatest gifts our parents can give us as inheritance is their own joy and happiness. That is so beautiful if we get that from our parents. But most of us usually also inherit the complete mess, the imperfections, undesirable tendencies, disastrous habits. As I’ve lived through life long enough I’ve stopped fighting this fact and come to appreciate even this and not expect anyone to be ideal least of all parents. Their imperfections are also delicious inheritances.  In fact all my life while I’ve met such beautiful people, all my friends, close partners all of them have all let me down in some way or the other constantly. This is the incredible gift and beauty they offer in a silent way. 

In those quiet enormous moments of tremendous gratitude and awe at this life, it becomes so starkly clear. That there is nothing wrong with me! Or anybody for that matter. Really! 

And then we offer back this realization as a gift to everyone around us.

Because they All led me back to me, to find wholeness within myself and one would think that’s the job done. But the twist in the game came when I had to go back to the same spaces and offer the wholeness and love back. That’s why it’s broken in the first place. So we together build it back. Make it whole. This broken wholeness of existence. 

Make no mistake; the people in our lives are our redemption, sometimes in a good way, sometimes in a not so good way. And that the only thing that is wrong with the world is US and our way of seeing things and the only thing that is Right here is also US and our way of seeing things, the Sweet paradox that this is. 

We must have the courage to be saved, to be Saved by the people in our lives. At some point you begin to see, that people in our lives have the power to save us. Save us from ourselves, from the self imposed misery we subject ourselves and the world to. They are Sacred!, sacred gifts one that we take time to acknowledge. It’ So humbling.. so humbling to realize that our lives itself are the perfect set up to Encounter Love, and see Love as it unfolds, unfurls its many colors. 

That’s true Alchemy.  The one True Alchemy in this world. The Alchemy of Love!

A poem for you my dear friend and Heart! May we all be blessed by the Alchemy of Love! 

Am looking for the one without an address
I keep searching, I keep asking around
No one seems to know where the friend is tonight
Although she did give me her sign and this road-map and asked me to find her whereabouts
Yet, in just the way she said it
I knew that in actuality she didn’t really want me to find her,

You see, she never had an address.
She wanted me to Just BE where I am and Meet her there.
She was Always Right here, Ready to meet and Lavish love!

And yet as is the way with Lovers, we chase
So I set out,
Traveling with an open hood
The breeze flowing through me, in me
The vast mountains, the open road
The one without an address, without coordinates beckoned

At long last, At the 100th Dawn I gave up
As the night fell and the next morning rose
I Settled everywhere, finding home in everything and everyone
Losing and building my world afresh with each breath.

I never did find her
But she did, She Found Me!
She always does!

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