Dis-ease – It’s all in the Mind

Its all in the Mind
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How many of you have heard of the Secret, the Law of Attraction? And how many of you have used it successfully?

Our mind is a very powerful instrument projecting hundreds of thoughts into the universe each minute. And according to the Law of the Universe – What goes around, comes around. What you send into the universe, it inevitably comes back to you in multiplied numbers. A negative thought brings more negative thoughts, situations and people. A positive thought brings more and more positive thoughts, situations and people.

Have you ever found yourself saying:

  • This always happens with me!
  • I always end up meeting the wrong kind of people!
  • I am always in pain!
  • I am sick most of the times!
  • I have no friends!

And so on and so forth…

Even the so-called dis-ease is simply a reflection of our thoughts and beliefs. Dis-ease is simply a symptom that something is wrong and it needs to be addressed. It means there is lack of ease in some part of our body or mind.

Every cell, molecule and structure in our body responds to our every thought and word. In most of the cases, our thought patterns and beliefs are the root cause of our illnesses. Our bodies react to what we think. In fact, our body is simply a reflection of our thoughts and words. And thoughts can be changed!

Body and Dis-eases

Continuous modes of thinking and speaking create behaviours and body postures. For example, EARS represent the capacity to hear. When there is a problem with the ears, it usually means there is something going on that you do not want to hear.

EYES represent the capacity to see. Problems with the eyes usually mean there is something we are not willing to see or acknowledge, either about ourself or life.

MIGRAINE headaches are created when the streak for perfection is too strong. When you create a lot of pressure on yourself to be PERFECT, there is a lot of suppressed anger which is involved.

SINUS problems which happen right in the face are due to being irritated by someone close in your life. When we blame others, we are giving away our power and thus our ability to heal ourself. Blaming does not produce healing. It simply exaggerates the illness. We create our own experiences and realities. When we forgive, create harmony and peace in our mind, we find it in our lives.

When there are problems with the NECK, the person is being too stubborn to see the other side of the issue. It indicates inflexibility to change according to life. If you want things to go your way always, all that will happen is a stiff neck and angry people around you. So remember to love yourself as well as others and be flexible.

THROAT represents our ability to speak up. When we have throat problems, we feel we do not have the right to speak for ourself, ask for what we want or affirm our existence. It could be in the form of sore throats, Laryngitis, Tonsillitis, even Thyroid problems. Throat is the place where we express our creativity. When we suppress our creative potential, it results in Thyroid problems. It also depicts resistance to change.

The BACK represents our support system. Problems with the upper back represent our feeling of lack of emotional support from people around us. Middle back problems stem from guilt feelings. Lack of money or fear of finances leads to problems with the lower back.

HEART represents love. When we deny ourselves of joy and love by worrying about life and other things, the result is Anaemia, Angina and Heart Disease.

STOMACH represents accepting/digesting new ideas and experiences. (“I can’t digest this thought”) stomach problems usually mean we are afraid to assimilate new ideas and experiences.

FEMALE PROBLEMS like Amenorrhea, Fibroids, Tumours, Leucorrhoea, Menstrual Problems etc results from a denial of the self, rejecting one’s own Feminity. Not being able to accept oneself as a female is one of the major reasons.

KNEES problems are a result of ego and pride, an inability to bend or give in.

SKIN problems usually mean we feel our individuality threatened, perhaps by dominating attitude of those around us.

ARTHRITIS is caused by constant patterns of criticism and stubbornness. Critical of oneself and others, inflexible about life’s changes and a streak of perfectionism manifests as pain in the joints and arthritis.

ASTHMA is a symptom of repressed feelings, thoughts, guilt and lack of life. There is a feeling that you do not have even the right to breathe for yourself.

BOILS, CUTS, sores, inflammation etc are an expression of suppressed anger. The anger if not released in a healthy manner can’t stay inside. It is released in this form.

CANCER is caused by a deep resentment held for a long time. There is a feeling of hopelessness and helplessness which starts eating you inside out in the form of Cancer.

OVERWEIGHT represents a need for protection; from criticism, hurt, and abuse. And when you criticise yourself for being overweight, you do nothing but end up putting around more weight to protect yourself. Love and approve of yourself, feel safe, forgive others for yourself and the weight will go on its own because you won’t need it!

Power of Thoughts

The powerful moment is Now. The powerful instrument is Thought. And thoughts can be changed! If you feel you have any of these health issues, examine the related thought patterns for it. Then try to release them willingly. Love yourself as much as you can. We need lots of love and approval. Demanding it from others creates these problems. How can someone else love you when you don’t love yourself?

Each one of us was created by God and God does not make mistakes. He made the best possible creation. So every morning, afternoon, evening and night, look into the mirror and tell yourself how beautiful you are. See the perfection in yourself. Affirm to yourself that you are loved, protected and cared for. Every time you step out of the house, tell yourself out loud that you are loved and protected. Do not let any negative thought bother you. Brush it off like you would brush off an ant from your collar. Repeat to yourself “Cancel, Cancel, Cancel” if you find any negative thought buzzing around you. Criticizing yourself for thinking negatively is not the solution. Replace it with positive and happy memories.

Some affirmations to be said daily:

  • “I love myself”
  • “I am the best creation of God”
  • “I approve of myself”
  • “I am loved, protected and cared for”
  • “I am willing to change”
  • “I love and accept myself”
  • “I am free to take charge of my life”
  • “I release all anger and frustration”
  • “The world is safe and friendly”
  • “I am surrounded with joy, love and peace”

Speak these affirmations out loud while looking at yourself in the mirror. The more you hesitate to speak any of them, the more you need to affirm it to yourself.

Love and Light!

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