7th House in Astrology – Partnership and Marriage


The seventh house is also called the descendent as it is exactly opposite the 1st house i.e. the ascendant. Yuvati house, jaya house are other common names of this house. There are many aspects of life that are predicted by this house but marriage and partnership are the most important. Choice of profession is another aspect that can be known from this house as it is 10th from the 10th house which is a natural house of profession. Seventh house is the window through which the native views the relationships. As always different planets affect the above aspects according to their own nature. There are, of course other factors like the sign placed in this house, the aspects and conjunctions of other planets. Here we are only discussing the basic factor i.e. the planets and their effects. Venus is the natural ruler of this house and Saturn gets exalted in this house. Planets placed in this house directly aspect the 1st house and has a great effect on the general personality of the person which effects the relationships.

Sun in the 7th house

Natives tend to find their identity through their friends and partners. As Sun is the representative of father, the native seeks a fatherly treatment from the spouse or the business partner. They choose partners who are well placed and have a position in society. This makes it easier for the native to rise on the social ladder. They like their spouse to nurture them and help them develop their creativity. They can easily relax and let their partner take the lead. If the Sun is badly aspected then the partner is likely to be selfish, arrogant dominating and egoist. A well aspected Sun is likely to fetch a partner who is self-confident ,ambitious, reliable and well honoured in society. However, the native must learn to be free from selfishness, false pride and dominating nature. Spouse of the native may want the native to value family life.

Moon in the 7th House

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Native’s primary need is to get emotional security. They look for a motherly figure in their partner. They want their partners to be sensitive to their moods and be close to them. Natives are charming and popular in social circles especially with the opposite sex. There may be more than one relationships and more than one marriage. Spouse of such a native should understand this aspect of the native and behave likewise. Marriage and partnership is done mostly for emotional security. Marriage can often bring about clarity of vision of the native and shape his future well. However, as above if the house is well aspected the native will get a partner who can carefully lead him to success and emotional maturity .If it is badly aspected the partner will be selfish and be hard hearted and will force the native to go astray.

Mars in the 7th house

When Mars inhabits the 7th house of the native, the native is called “Manglik” in astrological jargon. Mars is a fiery planet and a warrior and what would a warrior want-some competitor to challenge him and fight with him. Such natives have the habit to pick up fights on small pretext. They want their partners to be active, energetic and ready with a stimulating response. The marriage is usually marked with fights and can very well end up in divorce. Natives are in a hurry to get married and it is usually love at first sight and this generally ends up in a break up. Here point to be considered is that Mars in the house of Venus will ensure this hasty step. Hence, such natives are advised to marry late when they have become mature with age and are likely to be careful. Natives are advised to be gentle, tolerant,magnanimous,co-operative and diplomatic. They should ideally get their horoscope matched before marriage.

Mercury in the 7th house

Mercury as we all know is a planet of intelligence and communication. Natives with Mercury in their 7th house seek partners both in marriage and business who are intelligent,alert,speak well,are curious,analytical and can engage in intelligent discussion with them. They should have free flowing new ideas to elevate the business to new heights. If the 7th house is well aspected, the native gets a partner with above qualities. If the 7th house is ill-aspected the partner will be dull headed, and lack communication, will be complacent to the happenings around him. The native is advised to curb the desire to argue and learn to live in peace.

Jupiter in the 7th house

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Jupiter is a natural benefice planet .He is the guru in the celestial council. Natives seek and get partners, who are generous, benevolent, well-educated, have a good vision of the future, wealthy and good advisors to the native. Natives have a rise after marriage; they are likely to meet their partner at their work place. The partner is likely to be more affluent than then the native. The partner is likely to bring not only material benefit to the native but also put spirituality in the right perspective. This helps the native to have faith and broaden his horizon. However, if the 7th house is ill-aspected the native will have self –willed, arrogant, lazy, and extravagant and may have extra-marital relations as well. The native is advised to be careful in spending money and shed his false ego and behave like a true guru who can bring out the best in the worst of his students. This will require a lot of patience and genuine concern for the upliftment of the other soul.

Venus in the 7th house

Venus is the planet of love, romance, luxury, music, art, dance ,knowledge and relationships. The native himself is social, charming well to do and lover of the fine arts as Venus aspects the first house. The native wants his partner to be serious about relationships and provide him all the comforts of life. The partner should possess a good nature and co-operate with the partner. They should together be able to transcend all the levels of love and experience true unconditional love. The native should refrain from too much emotional drama and be practical in relationships.

Saturn in the 7th house

Saturn is a dry and a restricting planet. He is an old man and an ascetic. He likes to do tapas and investigate the deeper truths of life. Its mere presence in the house of marriage and romance changes the perspective of love and partnership. Native is likely to get married to a much older person. He may have to lead a life of restriction, insecurity, anxiety and depression. Native will have to shoulder a lot of family responsibility because of the spouse. The spouse may not be particularly bad but will be undemonstrative in love. The native would want a father like behaviour from the spouse but the spouse will rather be a strict father teaching the native to be self-relaint. Native would not end marriage because of fear of society and hence the marriage drags on. If the 7th house is well aspected or natal Saturn is well placed, the native’s partner will be a person of great integrity, status, well placed, sincere and will look after the native well. Saturn’s presence in the 7th house also shows karmic ties with the partner and the only solution is to happily persevere and learn the lessons of life.

Rahu in the 7th house

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Rahu is a shadowy planet and is known to cause illusions. Natives themselves are different from the rest of the crowd. They seek such partners who are different and have a dangerous charm .Rahu makes the native unconventional and non –confirmative to the rules of the society. They like to experiment and explore different levels of relationships. Long distance and casual relationships are possible. There can be deception in relationships. Native may want either an ideal or a very casual relationship with no strings attached. As both the partners have yet to learn the lesson of a stable and true relationship, a lot space should be given to each other.

Ketu in the 7th house

Ketu is a spiritual planet. It is shown as having a headless body. The native is himself an immature person who lacks focus as far as relationships are concerned. They get carried away by the outward charm and ignore the lack of true qualities. They feel they can easily reform the other person as per their own liking but this is usually not possible. Native is likely to get a partner who lacks focus, is self –indulgent and does not think much about relationships. Spouse may be associated with art, music and drama. Native is likely to blindly trust his partner and see the relationship through coloured glasses. However, he gets setbacks but does learn a lesson and carries on with his wishful thinking. Native needs to be well grounded and see be clear about what he wants in a relationship.

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