6th House in Astrology-Enemies and Challenges

sixth-house-in-astrology6th house in a horoscope is called the “Ari Bhav” where Ari means enemies and Bhav means house. This is a malefic house as this house corresponds to the obstacles, enemies, diseases, debts, accidents and legal disputes. All these cause inconvenience to the native and slow down the progress hence the house of obstacles.

This house also deals with the working or living environment and the struggle of the native in adjusting to it. The obstacles can also be caused by the inner conflict where the native is not able to align his actions with his thought process. This house also deals with the servants, underprivileged and pets. Healing and getting healed is also under the purview of this house.

Different planets give different effects here. Broadly speaking all malefic planets gives good results here. As this is an upchaya house the effects of the planets placed here increase manifold with time. The natural significators of this house are Mars and Saturn. Mercury is the natural ruler of this house.

Sun in the 6th house

Sun is a fiery and a malefic planet. It is the significator of the soul, father authority, government, ego and self-esteem. Sun’s presence here brings light and brightness to this house. The native can clearly understand all the details of the issues connected to this house and this helps him to solve his problems. Material gains are accentuated and the native is able to withstand the challenges of life. Native has the capability of following a routine and to take up a fixed regime especially on the health front to avoid any health problems. Native comes out with creative solution to various problems. Career associated with this configuration is manager, administrator, physician and legal profession. If Sun is afflicted or debilitated here, health problems related to bones, heart and throat are possible.

Moon in the 6th house

Moon is a soft planet and is the significator of the mind. Its placement in the 6th house is not a happy one. Natives are extremely sensitive people and easily get stressed and hurt. They are prone to disorders of the mind like depression, schizophrenia, bi-polarity and restlessness. They are emotionally attached to their work and any impediment in its progress is enough to cause them stress. They may also suffer from heart problems and digestive problems. They tend to exaggerate their problems and would make it an excuse to avoid hard work. Although they are sincere individuals and are generally helpful to their colleagues yet they are unable to handle relationship as they are emotional to the point of being impractical. Profession suited to them are physicians, healers and attorneys.

Mars in the 6th house

Mars is a fiery planet and also a malefic and does well in this house. Such natives actually enjoy competition and are well equipped to win. They have an irritable nature and are impatient. They are hardworking and are perfectionists. They are impatient with their co-workers if they do not conform to their working standards. They are active and loath lazy people. They like to live by their own rules. These natives fight for justice especially for the underprivileged. They are not very intelligent people and need the support of other planets for this. If Mars here is debilitated then the natives have to face justice and should not even think of breaking law. If these people happen to break the law or any rule, they get ready to face justice. They may also have to face injustice in life. They should also be cautious of the company they keep. Professions related to this planet are Attorneys, policemen, doctors specially surgeons and soldiers. Diseases associated   are fever, burns and accidents.

Mercury in the 6th house

Mercury in this house is in a good placement. Natives with this placement are intelligent, analytical and logical. They are ambitious and are good at organising their work environment. They have a liking for computers and electronic media. They are careful about their health issues and daily routine. Overthinking and paying too much attention to details and health is a negative trait in them. Worry and stress can be damaging to their health. Diseases associated with this placement are nervousness, lungs and digestive system disorders. Their intelligence goes into solving their own and others conflicts. They may have to face sudden ups and downs in life. Communication is very important tool for them and must learn to communicate well. They tend to get over-critical. They may suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder. Professions related to these are lawyers, finance, accounting and research in medical field

Jupiter in the 6th house

Jupiter represents the celestial guru or teacher. He stands for optimism, expansion, wealth and wisdom. As 6th house is the house of obstacles and conflicts, Jupiter here encourages the native to solve these in a positive manner. Native uses his faculties to help the underprivileged. Native may have problems with the digestive system, liver and over indulgence of food. Native has to face humiliation and is lazy. He tends to postpone the work in hand. He is able to overcome his enemies. A debilitated Jupiter makes the individual over-optimistic and the success is limited. Lawyers, bankers and teachers have Jupiter in the 6th house.

Venus in the 6th house

Venus stands for compassion, love, happiness and passion. Natives are practical and helpful people but are not good at expressing love. They take a lot of care of their loved ones. They are fond of beautiful clothes and are fond of amassing wealth. They love to work for social causes especially for the under privileged. They love pets and also take care of stray animals. They have to face many conflicts and tend to be fickle minded.  They may have to change their jobs often. Their digestive system may be sensitive, though their health improves after marriage.

Saturn in the 6th house

6th house is a malefic house and represents disease, enemies, litigation, day to day life, competition debts, pets etc. Presence of Saturn here slows down all these factors. Diseases will take a long time to get cured. There will be delay in getting results. Native has to work very hard. Litigation takes a long time to get settled, though the native wins the case ultimately. Native is prone to small accidents. Native may not enjoy a good married life. Professions related to this placement are lawyer, physicians, research in medical field. Native may go abroad for work or studies. Native has to lead a disciplined and has to face the reality of life much early in life. Stomach problems, dental problems,T.B, eyesight problems, asthma, constipation etc. are possible.

Rahu in the 6th house

Rahu is exalted in the 6th house and its malefic effects are much mitigated. Native generally enjoys good health and remains happy in his own world. Native is generally rich and uses all the means to get riches. He is stingy in nature but tends to spend money on useless things. Native has a quarrelsome nature and is argumentative. He has a mind of his own and remains stuck to his point of view. This makes it difficult for him to interact with people and he has few friends. He puts up a good exterior but remains greedy and manipulative for his own gains. It is only after 42 years of age that he becomes truly charitable. Native is very ambitious and always thinks of his gain. Professions related to this placement is doctors, lawyers, bankers and healers.

Ketu in the 6th house

Ketu is a shadowy planet. It represents isolation, spirituality, separation, past life achievements and self –improvement  techniques.Native is hard working but works without thinking. He is not able to judge the situation and is not pushing for growth.He is an obedient worker but does not use his brain to improve his work. They generally act without thinking. They have good health but if they do have disease, the doctor is not able to diagnose it. Native may have criminal tendencies and have addiction problems. He may have mental disorders. Native has the option of either becoming a great person or as low as a criminal. This of course also depends upon the placement of other planets. Professions related to this placement are doctors, social workers, veterinarians, marketing and politics. Native loves to work for the underprivileged and learns the lessons of his life in the process. Fear from fire, poison and a weapon is possible.

These analyses are general in nature and calls for systematic study and research to get precise results.

Forever In Gratitude To Her Divine Grace!

-Archana Sharma

Archana Sharma is an M.Phil in Life Sciences and practises in Astrology, Numerology and alternative therapies. She is currently pursuing research in Medical Astrology.

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