The Way of Love – Free, not Dependent

Way-of-Love-freeAs I sat and thought of my emotions and feelings and where they were emanating from – I realized they were not coming from the heart region, that remained a beautiful, bountiful part of me – green, limitless and fresh – but my lower area, around and just below the navel, possibly my sacral chakra, was feeling heavy and burdened. So began the task of healing it, releasing it of the burden it carried and filling it with vivacious, bright, cheerful colours – yellow, orange, bright red etc. Feeling liberated again and joy. 

I started realising that I am so thankful to God and myself, yes, a real pat on the back, that I am trying not to get overwhelmed by life’s hardships, that I am still able to give love, feel love and appreciate emotional connectedness. That love is truly bottomless and dispels darkness in waves of colour, lightness and just living I guess. I congratulated myself, without feeling any superiority, that I still have it in me to fall in love, give in to silly romantic gestures and love another without expectations – your ego demands that the love be reciprocated but maybe the idea is just to feel the emotions and joys of love and stay with that joy. Maybe it takes another human being (whoever you connect with) to bring out and manifest those hidden feelings into the open, but the choice to make it dependent on another human being thereafter, is ours. Do you enjoy the emotions, liberating joys of love even without a human being fuelling it…. that my friend, is actually what love is all about. 

Once those chakras or blocks have been opened to release the burden of feeling unloved and uncared for, it would help to then stay and own that freedom rather than making it dependent on the person who triggered that release. It would help not to go back to being blocked and closed again whether that person stays or goes. Maybe his/her job was only to release those stuck emotions and whether he/she wants to stay with the new you or leave, is his/her journey, not yours. So be grateful that he/she could help you and respect his/her journey in return. Maybe he/she wants you around as a gentle healing presence to see if you can unblock some of their burdens and release them too. But that’s really a choice they can make not you, for now, you owe it to yourself to sustain and grow the release and allow it to transform you. 

As a woman, the more patient, gentle I become, the more feminine I become…the more feminine and complete I feel as a woman, the more I attract a complete, generous, gentle-man. What is important is consistency – what are you, how you feel, how you behave, most of the time and not just partially or for some part of time – be a complete woman as much and as constantly as possible.  The more this happens, the more you will attract, and then you chose from love and not from compulsion, the right man for you.

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