Tarot Predictions for the Week 4 December 2023- 10 December 2023


Self-reflection, rest, karmic cycles, over thinking, celebrations

Aries: The Standing Stone

If you’ve been feeling like something in your life is unfair or that you’ve been treated unfairly by others, the Standing Stone is here to tell you that justice will be served. On the other hand, the card depicts an image of ‘harm none’ carved into a stone which also symbolises that one shouldn’t do bad to others. In crux, this card refers to our karma and karmic cycles. Make sure you treat others fairly and kindly for it to come back to you. Focus on your intentions these days and ask yourself why you would want to take that step if you ever find yourself on the bad side.

Taurus: Four of Athames

With everything that’s been going on Taurus, this week you need to rest. Too much work has made you expect more from everything including work and personal life. It’s good to find some balance and try spending a few days without doing much. You never know when life happens and things start moving in a fast forward manner for you. Four of Athames is asking you to take a chill while letting things unfold on their own. Use this time wisely to meditate and ask for guidance from the universe or any deity that you pray to. Maybe it’s time to get insights from the inside. May you receive what you’re looking for!

Gemini: The Holly King

You’re very wise Gemini and perhaps it’s time to use that wisdom and put it to good use. If you’re finding yourself stuck in life, it’s time to seek help from a mentor to get you some perspective. On the other hand, if you’re losing hope the Holly King card is here to assure you there’s more to life than where you’re at. It could be something trivial that you may be unable to find answers to but know that there’s always light at the end of the tunnel. Everything is happening for a reason and it will all unfold in its own time. Spend some time alone before you go about asking others. Maybe the answers you need are the answers you already have!

Cancer: King of Athames

Do a bit of research before moving ahead, Cancer! The wise king of Athames is very determined to get what he wants and in the pursuit, would not leave any stone unturned. You need to also be patient to get what you want. The king knows that with the right time, comes more than just good news. It’s still happening in your favour and having faith and using this time to understand the circumstances better will help you in the future. There’s something that you’re missing and maybe it’s time to search for that missing piece of the puzzle by going back in time and reflecting on things or paths you took.

Leo: The Greenman

Something new is on its way to you, Leo! The refreshing energies of this new phase of your life are finally at your door. The wait is over and you’re about to embark on a different path now. The Greenman is also guiding you to check with your surroundings before you move forward. It’s easy to be swept off your feet when something unexpected or perhaps great comes into your life. Greenman is also known to have renewal energies and this is exactly the thing you’ve been missing in your life lately. Well, with festive vibes of the winter approaching soon, it’s all happening for the good.

tarot predictions for the week December 2023

Virgo: Six of Athames

You’re somewhere on the path where things are almost falling into place but there’s still some time, Virgo! While victories can be achieved in due course, it is equally important to stay grounded. Who knows it better than an Earth sign like you? You may find it difficult to let go of certain things in life during this week because it wasn’t what you had planned. But maybe everything doesn’t have to be planned, maybe it can be better than what you expected. This card reminds you to let go of any attachments that are no longer working out. It’s okay to change your path, pick a new story or write a whole new book!

Libra: Ace of Pentacles

Everything couldn’t be more perfect this week as you find yourself exactly where you need to be, Libra! The ace of pentacles is a sign that everything is going well for you both financially, as well as for personal life. The cozy home sitting in the middle of lush green fields with cattle grazing on the grass in this card reminds us of how perfect life can be if we just allow ourselves to flow. Take some time out to plan a weekend getaway with your friends and family this week. Practice expressing gratitude to all those who contributed to your wins in one way or another.

Scorpio: Seven of Chalices

You’re secretly delighted to be stuck with choices, Scorpio and we know it! Amidst all that is happening, having choice and wishful thinking makes you escape reality just a bit more. Having a little fun has no harm but make sure you come back to the real world too. Count your blessings and evaluate each choice based on pros and cons before you decide. Believe in what you see and not what you’re being promised. Actions speak much louder than words and thus your habit of giving others the benefit of doubt will not work in our favor now. Ask yourself what practical use can this choice of mine help me with. Good luck!

Sagittarius: Five of Pentacles

You thought you had help but you’ll find yourself on your own this week, Sagi! This may bring up some sadness for you. And that’s okay. Sometimes, through this painful sadness comes new insights and plans that we didn’t think we were capable of carrying out. It’s time to depend less on others or perhaps you need to lower your expectations of what some people might do for you. This reality check is long overdue and gives you space to adapt and change your life as you go. There’s always an upside to letting things be. May you find light through this all!

Capricorn: Three of Chalices

‘Tis the season to be merry indeed, Capricorn! Good news is on its way and it’s time to rejoice and celebrate however you wish to. Things are working out for you on all fronts and perhaps this is what you had been waiting for. Three of chalices also hold a message to be flying free of any stuck patterns that you had found yourself in earlier. Let this be a reminder for you that life can be wonderful too and your darkest hour is finally over. New directions mean new opportunities and with that starts a unique journey of its kind. Soak in the goodness this week and don’t let any past moment hold you back!

Aquarius: Nine of Athames

You might face some disappointments this week, Aquarius! Letting go can be hard especially if you’ve put in your best and given it all. Take some time off to experience this sadness and disappointment completely. It’s okay to let your emotions express themselves. But, do remember that sometimes negative thinking manifests itself too. Maybe if you had more faith in how things can be better for the good, things would turn out differently. Let this be a lesson for you to not indulge in too many negative thoughts or overthinking patterns and bring yourself back to focus on what is working out well for you in the present.

Pisces: Eight of Wands

Things are moving much faster than you expected, Pisces! This week is all about getting things done as you close in on the end of your present journey. The eight wands card depicts focusing on what you have in hand and finishing it with the apt skills as the woman in the card picks the right tool to finish the job. It also signifies solitude or working all by yourself which is a good thing considering the powerful energies are getting it done faster this week. Before midwinter, make the best of this week to get the most of your work done!

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