Tarot or Astrology – Which is Your Cosmic Guide?

Tarot or Astrology? This is a regular conundrum for people in search of that cosmic guide to steer them ahead in life out of their quandary.

Life is a pursuit of self-discovery. In this journey, we often find ourselves standing at the crossroads of a decision. Sometimes, at this vantage point, a decision feels difficult to make without a little nudge or insight into the future.

For some who believe, and wonder which path holds the key to their unique universe, one of them is to seek out tools such as Tarot or Astrology.

Tarot and Astrology are extremely different in their approaches. And so, if you are deliberating on which is better for you right now, you have reached the right place.

Let’s explore these realms through relatable stories and illustrations to help you make this choice.

Tarot: A Personal Conversation with the Universe

Meet Sara, a soul torn between her corporate job and creative passion. She was seeking a very primal need of self-fulfillment from her work. And yet, the monetary security of a job made it hard to give it up in return of that much sought after fulfillment.

She turned to tarot to seek an answer to her dilemma. She shuffled the Tarot deck and drew two cards for advice from it.  The cards that turned up for her were Two of Wands and Ace of Pentacles.

Two of Wands speaks of bold choices and taking control. Paired with the Ace of Pentacles, it whispers of following her heart for lasting fulfillment.

It wasn’t a crystal-clear roadmap but more like a cosmic nudge, an indication of a potential path to take.

Tarot, with its 78 cards, offers a personal chat with the universe. It’s as if the cards become messengers, giving us much needed insights into life and guiding us through these ebbs and flows of our journey.

Astrology: Mapping Your Celestial Blueprint

Now, let’s step into the world of Mike, the skeptical engineer. Similar to Sara, Mike is in a dilemma. He has the opportunity to change his career to a field of liking.

However, the new role requires him to take a deep pay cut.

Unfamiliar with cosmic guidance, he stumbles upon his birth chart. On understanding how astrology can study his birth chart and give close to accurate predictions, he approaches an astrologer for guidance.

The positions of the planets at his birth reveal insights into his personality and career inclinations. It is as if the stars have left a blueprint of his life, waiting to be deciphered.

Based on his planetary positions, an astrologer is able to guide him on whether he can be successful in particular field, which gives him the confidence to be able to make a choice.

Astrology is less about conversation and more about having a cosmic blueprint. Your birth chart is the snapshot of the celestial bodies’ positions at your first breath. They map out the grand energies that shape your very existence.

Choosing Your Cosmic Companion

So, which speaks to you – the personal chat with Tarot or the cosmic blueprint of Astrology?

If you’re drawn to intimate conversations with the universe, where each card feels like a friend offering advice, Tarot might be your cosmic confidant. It doesn’t give definitive answers but nudges you to reflect on your choices, empowering you to make decisions aligned with your authentic self.


On the other hand, if you crave a comprehensive guide to your life’s journey, Astrology could be your cosmic companion. Your birth chart acts as a map, unfolding the chapters of your life with celestial precision. It’s less about daily advice and more about understanding the overarching themes of your existence.

Illustrating the Tarot Magic

Let’s look into a couple of illustrative tarot readings to understand its approach.

Scenario 1: The Crossroads

You find yourself at the point of a major financial crisis. A Tarot reading throws up the Ten of Pentacles. This card speaks of abundance in money and wealth while being very cautious and risk-free. Paired with the Star, it speaks of long-term healing and wish fulfillment. These two cards together can pacify a person by knowing that his or her financial troubles will the end of the day. However, the right approach needs them to follow tried and tested routes, and not be too adventurous and experimental. It also suggests trusting the universe that all will be fine.

Scenario 2: Matters of the Heart

In matters of the heart, you’re navigating the complexities of a relationship. The Three of Cups steps into your spread, signifying joy, celebration, and harmonious connections. Combined with the Temperance card, it suggests finding balance and patience in love. Tarot doesn’t dictate your choices but serves as a cosmic companion, offering insights that empower you to navigate the labyrinth of emotions.

Astrology at Play: Decoding the Stars

Now, let’s switch gears and imagine you’re Mike, the engineer, decoding the stars in your birth chart. The position of Venus unveils your love language, explaining why you keep facing the same relationship patterns. It’s less like a chat and more like deciphering a manual the cosmos left for you.

Astrology at Play: Life Chapters Unfolded

In the grand scheme of life, Astrology unfolds your chapters. Maybe you’re facing a challenging time, and your astrologer points to a celestial alignment explaining the hurdles. It’s not a chat but more like reading a story written in the stars, where each planetary movement influences your narrative.

Choosing Your Cosmic Guide: The Decision is Yours

In conclusion, whether you resonate with a more flowy conversational approach of finding guidance, or believe more in hard knowing the future events etched by your stars, both tarot and astrology can offer valuable insights into your journey.

It’s like choosing between two flavors of cosmic ice cream – each unique, delicious, and capable of satisfying your soul’s sweet tooth – the choice is yours!

Whichever you choose, the cosmic mysteries await – choose the magic that speaks to your soul. And gives you the much-needed thrust to move ahead in life.

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