Setting Spiritual Goals

It is critical to set goals for ourselves. This is a good practice not only for our spiritual quest, but for all aspects of our life. If we wish to have a certain career, we need to devote time to study and learning. If we wish to amass a certain amount of money, we need to plan for our savings. If we wish to develop a hobby or talent, we need to put in practice time to become proficient. Similarly, if we wish to develop the spiritual side of our life and empower our soul, then we need to plan time for that goal as well.

Oftentimes, people make their spiritual pursuits their last priority. They do all the things they wish to do each day, and if there is time left over they may devote it to their soul. But all too often, we become so caught up in the storms of life that no time is left over for our soul. If we can first allot several hours a day for spiritual pursuits and keep that as sacred time for ourselves, and then fill up the other hours with the activities in our life, we can achieve our spiritual goal.

The key to making spiritual time a priority is to evaluate its importance in relation to the rest of the time we spend, mostly in the upkeep of our physical body. If we exist solely to maintain the physical body, then what do we gain? If we wish to achieve more than just the upkeep of our body, if we wish to develop our intellectual side, our cultural side, our spiritual side, or to make a contribution to the world, then we must allot time for these pursuits.

H.H. Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj
H.H. Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj

If we devote time to the spiritual side and empower the soul, then we will find that growth in other aspects of our life comes easier. When we tap into our soul and its infinite wisdom, its bliss, its immortality, its fearlessness, and its connectedness, we find that we can more fully develop our other sides. It can help us improve our performance in many aspects of our life. It is similar to putting money in a saving account; the money will accrue interest that will help us with other expenditures later on.

The choice is ours. If we wish to empower our soul and enjoy its gifts, then we can set priorities for our daily life and stick to them. We may find other creative ways to manage our time and devote it to empowering our soul. By doing so, we can enjoy inner bliss, peace and love.

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